We’re selling STEEM on Twitter to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists with SEVEN77 Challenge, Basically we’re collectively pushing the price of $STEEM to $7.77

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May be it’s my fault that our STEEM Twitter Hustle evolved into SEVEN77 STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement.

If you don’t understand why we’re doing 7 push-ups for 77 days, Then please read the SEVEN77Paper below and if you’ve any questions then please kindly call me on WhatsApp +4479001003594 and I’m happy to explain to you one on one.

I see $7.77 $STEEM this year and hope you see the bigger picture and take ownership of our Blockchain.

Everyone benefits from $7.77 $STEEM

SEVEN77Paper ( Version 1.0) : Guide to SEVEN77 STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement

1 Purpose driven
Our Blockchain has TRUE potential to impact millions of people’s life positively and to bring crypto mass adoption with second layer solutions and Blockchain interoperability

2 Vision driven
As early adopters, we’re gonna do WHATEVER it takes to make $7.77 $STEEM a reality this year and make 2019 is the year of STEEM

3 Led by TRUE believers of STEEM
We’ll be TOGETHER selling STEEM on Twitter and mainly focusing on getting venture capitalists and Angel investor's attention

4 FrameWork -SEVEN77Challenge ‬(‪7 push-ups for 77 days )
Minimum requirement for How to participate and How to Tweet?

Step 1: ‪Write one reason why you believe in STEEM ‬or the potential you see with STEEM

Step 2: use #‪STEEM #SEVEN77 hashtags and mention @ NathanMars7‬

Step‪ 3: Share the raw video of your 7 push-ups directly (NO link please and push-ups can be creative and it can be simple as raising your eyebrows 7 times!)

Repeat this steps for 77 days by possibly stating different reasons each day, please don't upload the same push-up videos twice and Let's start selling STEEM today!


5 Gift
Throughout the year, there will be gifts for participants. Join Early, Bring quality people in, Make impact and make sure you get many gifts as possible, You'll get gifts not just from me but also from SEVEN77Partners in the future as SEVEN77 will continue to evolve

6 MissionApril
We want to get at least 777 TRUE believers of our Blockchain to participate in SEVEN77 (STEEM Awareness) Twitter Movement before 1st May.

7 Thanks a million
Truly appreciate each and everyone for being part of people powered Blockchain


Do you think that's possible when @rt-international - which is the biggest name to have joined Steem in the last 2 years - is being flagged for no reason immediately after they've joined?

Sorry but I won't waste a minute of my life promoting and marketing Steem while the whales are acting as selfish as that.

Why flag every post from the biggest name in Steem? Do these whales want to bring Steem to the ground?


I can certainly understand your frustrations with the Flag wars

Every problem has solutions and we need to focus more on the solutions.

That’s why we need more entrepreneurs and Angel investors onboarding

On-boarding will not solve the issues of user retention!

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I only wish to solve the problems but first we need to speak of them 🤔

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@lyndsaybowes it seems there is no point to you waisting your VP on that account 😉

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We need both!

Most importantly we need to on board Angel investors and venture capitalists and entrepreneurs

We may need both but which is the main priority? We can try on board all we want but with constantly declining user retention will those investors, capitalists and entrepreneurs stay or will they leave with the users? Why would they put time/energy/money in while all the largest users are taking it all out? I ask this about all of us on here still, it’s because we believe but do we believe blindly in Steem as some do in their religions?

I personally believe we need to solve the problems of the platform prior to bringing in any more money or people whom are most likely not to stay! We need to on board developers more than anything, people with the mindset to solve our current standing problems. Those problems that when speaking of, get you silenced, which relate deeply to the view of Steem Blockchain as a whole by external sources.

If we do not step outside our little Steem Hype bubble we cannot see the full picture!

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To solve the problems we’ve with STEEM, we need

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Investors

Problems = Opportunities

We need to build the ecosystem around STEEM, Like Coinbase build to support bitcoin ecosystem and it’s now one of the major company and it’s still support Bitcoin

Same with Etherium Blockchain it’s solved the problem that Bitcoin had and it’s still supporting Bitcoin ecosystem

Hope it makes sense

Have you seen what happens when you try talk about the problems that need fixing? @kawaiicrush was my first “student” and is now lost in this battle! It’s not just flag wars, the problems go deep and ignoring them will not make them go away!

Neither btc nor eth have the problems of Steem as they are simply blockchains, until we can address the issues without being silenced on the platform the selling point of Steem being censorship free is a lie!

If all you care about is the money your right but the first platform that solves our problems that comes up will inevitably replace us!

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No body is perfect and No system is perfect

Dlive was the first DApp who helped massively and they never show appreciation and I never gave up because my intentions are good and I always find good people

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world

I am glad to be part of the people powered blockchain.

Happy Songkran (Thai New Year) to all #Seven77 pushupers!
Together we can! 💞

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If there was a Twitter STEEM Tip Bot. Yes, I will buy STEEM from Twitter and to Twitter so everyone can have STEEM.


Let’s find someone who build Twitter STEEM Tip bot

Thanks for the Resteem

#seven77 #steem ♨ On ! with LOVE ♥♩♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.002을 보팅해서 $0.021을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4098번 $47.789을 보팅해서 $51.148을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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I'm with you all the way...

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Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Awesome. I welcome my self to the team. ❤

Happy to have you bro :)

Awesome 😎 @nathanmars

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Building up our blockchain and growing together.

Join us and invest in yourself!

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I absolutely believe in Steem.
My problem is that I don't care for or believe in Twitter.

Thank you!

We’re fishing 🎣 on Twitter

I don't care for Twitter either...but it's different with #steem family there. I see it as believing in our blockchain enough to work towards bring people back here. Growing will happen more rapidly from the outside in...compared to self contained inside out. Plus...I have been able to connect with Steemians in other circles that I might not have met otherwise. So far...the benefits have outweighed the downsides. Just some thoughts!

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At the moment, I don't have the time to mess with Twitter, but as my schedule eases up I may give it another try.

Meanwhile, I am posting my Steemit posts on FB from time to time, and I may begin doing so on LinkedIn.

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I'm always with you. Unfortunately I missed one day with network down. But I started again for move upwards for bring #steem bigger rate.

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Together we will make this a reality and will push steem to the top.

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We can and we will make this possible...👍....
The Steem brighter days are ahead ...

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I am in!

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Followed you on Twitter and I am in. I appreciate your work for Steem. Awesome! I will have to read more posts from you which you posted earlier to see the whole picture of your vision!

Together we will make it happen.

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Let’s do it TeamSEVEN77

Seven77 is just for who everyone believe in Steem 💪💪💪

Please everyone join Seven77 Movement

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definitely I think that the 77 people will be complete soon, selling steem on twitter is really essential for 7.77$ to become a reality really and well sometimes we evolve and our projects evolve too, I'm loving the movement and the awareness that comes with it for #steem and we'd continue working.

Easy to do Push-ups and more easy to get Steem gift.

This is great @nathanmars, and I really enjoy doing the pushups, it's all about Steem adoption, and having fun while doing that is just great.

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Yes, We are trying to push it until the value $7.77. Because we love the #steem, we believe the #steem and we sure that it's make our bright future. Let's make #steem happy.

I am also here my brother

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I am not able to do push ups, not one. really really really.

It’s called creative push-ups and I’m sure you can raise your eye brows 7 times for STEEM

It has been a massive pivoting from LINKSEVEN77 to #SEVEN77 Twitter Movement

Always appreciate your continuous contribution regardless of your participation dear :)

Have a wonderful weekend

You are so right, just got a new phone and I'm back on Twitter, c u over there

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By seeing the efforts of team seven77 I can say the 7.77 a reality soon :)

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