I Hate Taking, I’m Natural Giver

in seven77 •  last month

I’m sorry that I had to cancel all the delegation from my own account yesterday

I don’t like taking something away, However I did this because I wanted to give much much more

I’ll be setting some kind of framework that allows me to give unconditionally to my fellow STEEM brothers and sisters, Only for those who are adding value (or contributing) to SEVEN77 and STEEM

Current Frameworks

1 SEVEN77DailyGifts

2 λλλDailyGift

3 λλλλDelegation-for-90Days (coming soon)

If you’re wanted to get involved with SEVEN77 then please find more details

Guide to SEVEN77Challenge, STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement

Thanks a million for being part of our Blockchain and my journey

PS. I’m also natural builder and seller

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Thank you always @nathanmars.You have been doing a great job in your movement. You are inspiring many Steemians to be active again and you know what you have been very selfless because you are giving a lot of rewards to many Steemians like me.

I almost become inactive here in Steemit because I feel like I was not improving but when I saw your twitter movement.You gave me a lot of inspiration to work harder here in this platform.No matter how busy I am at my work.I still wanted to participate and repay your kindness. Anyway, thanks again and lets make Steem to the moon.😇😇

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You give so much and it is highly appreciated. I think so many have strengthened the community feel they have for Steem because of the twitter campaign. Thank you so much!!


Truly appreciate your continuous contribution in my journey darling

You are a natural giver and you have walked your talk over and over again

I never expected, so it was good while it lasted ;p

Just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do tirelessly to get Steem to the top.
Truly appreciated :D


Truly appreciate your continuous contribution in my journey

Sending lots of 💕💕💕💓 to you and your family

I trust you and you are doing something big for everyone and for this entire steem community.. Its a long run process so everyone should have to be prepare for long run. Everything you are doing for upcoming great reasons.. Keep doing your good work.. dear..


very nice contribuyeme con algo de steem amigo abrazos desde venezuela..



Truly appreciate your continuous contribution dear!

the Steem Awareness twitter movement is really uniting we Steemians and bringing in more users daily. thanks to you brother!


Thanks a million for participating in SEVEN77 Twitter Movement bro


Anything for the 💙 of our Blockchain

That's definitely no need, it was really pleasant having the delegations but like you said you needed to withdraw them and make use if them that's reasonable enough and it's helped a whole lot, we won't forget this and definitely we'll keep focusing in building till we definitely get there.


Truly appreciate your continuous contribution in my journey bro

No need any explanation! we know you, we know your activities, we know your aim and that is why we are all the #steem lovers trying to work with you with your vision. Because we love the community, we want to brings it moon.

So let's move forward together with new spirit. Sometimes we need to backup something to move forward with more strongly.


Our vision is to make $7.77 $STEEM a reality this year

My lines are becoming true

Nathan Nathan becamed every steemer inspiration
Nathan Nathan becamed one of the greatest one 😊

Keep on going sir :) , highly, very much appreciated your giving attitude 😊.

Thanks a lot for being with our #steem Blockchain :)

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very nice

I like Giver, mainly Mac Gyver!!!


Haha, I love that show!


Thanks brother!

Sending you and Miya 💕💕💕💓

Steem all the way. Keep doing your good works. You are one of a kind.


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Thank you so much

All for the greater good


Thanks darling


Always welcome

Whatever you're doing is for the benefit of our blockchain and the community. I trust you and am sure that this is great for everyone. You're a great leader brother we are with you. Sending #seven77 💕💕 to you.

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Truly appreciate your continuous contribution brother!

True leaders create many leaders

Great job, I believe whatever you are up to is a no brainier and will benefit everyone in the long run


Let’s think long term with STEEM and build

thats ok bro. i think we are all working for make steem $7.7 not for reward.

bc its our duty for steem ..

thanks for your great work ...



Thanks brother!

Launch #Seven77 token!

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In startup, the true entrepreneurs do many experiments as possible to validate the demand

When I can validate a demand for solving real problem with SEVEN77, I’ll probably launch token.

I guess I’ll move to Silicon Valley First

@nathanmars You've done so much for us all beyond monetary rewards by bringing us together. In this movement I have been able to see just what an Amazing community we have. The delegations were truly a great learning experience for me and I'll always be very grateful to you for sharing that with me. Thank-you for all you do for the #steem universe ♥ I'll definitely be around to see you get that token and more! Full #steem ahead with #Seven77


Truly appreciate your continuous contribution darling!

Sending lots of 💕💕💕💓 to your and your family in Southern Georgia

You are really true well-wisher of #steem community and I always appreciate your hard work to powering steem
Hustle is on and we feel enthusiastic with real #steem hustler like you and Mr Dan also who is supporting every #seven77 #steem printer.
Thank you again for creating strong community.


Thanks brother!

The Precious Thanks to Delegation
is Feels Much More Thanks when Undelegated !
the reduction of VotingPower Mana !

thanks @nathanmars to Lead Empower Together #steem ♨ with ♥ LOVE Community !

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It’s all good.
Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Let’s ride this momentum we’ve got.
Stay strong and steem on!

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Let’s ride the STEEM wave with SEVEN77