i will keep hustling as much as i can 😄

I figured the 7th of July is 108 days from today thus this challenge is still open for more people to join. Hope many Steemians get in while there is still time.


I would do this just to get #Steem where it needs to be
There are too many amazing individuals to be passed over
And now with more and more coming on board... the big names...
I am feeling the power of community... the very reason why I have even stuck it out this long
You are one of those individuals
Since you have yet to reveal your project, I will just wish you the best of the best of the bestest :D

Minimum 7 creative push-ups required per day

However if you love doing it then you cab do as many as you like

i agree, crush it! all the best with your mission.

Lets goooo. Im gonna start this.

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Yes please brother! Sending you #STEEM powered love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to Philippines 🇵🇭

Crush it man!!! Anything you need, let me know!

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How ever it turns up, we are solidly behind you really.

I'm joining the #Seven77 challenge tomorrow. Hope it's not too late.

You’ve more than 77 days from tomorrow until 7th July 2019 to complete your 77 days of 7 creative push-ups

Brother can I every day two times push up????

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Only one required per day and you can miss few days

As long as you complete 77 days before 7th July then you’re good

I can see that I've missed some videos, I can fill them with two things as if I am running 16 now

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ok i am doing only 6 days push up ,, so what would i do ? daily 2 times 7 pushups ?

Minimum 7 push-ups per day

As long as you complete 77 days before 7th July then you’ll be rewarded

Keep going bro

oh its long timee so .. i do everyday 7 pushups

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GodSpeeeeeeed ! :) 💙7OVE ! ♬♩♬♬

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I've done my push-ups..........................................................

In my dreams.

Thanks a million for brother!

Sending you #STEEM powered love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to Philippines 🇵🇭

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