DAY 1 of the #seven77 @nathanmars push up challenge on behalf of my mom @jaynie

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Hey guys! So... my mom said I am much stronger than she is so I said that because she is such an epic mom that I would do the #seven77 @nathanmars7 (@nathanmars) challenge for her! I did an extra one for you guys for day 1. My mom also said I should choose someone to continue the challenge... she also said that @matkodurko wants abs like mine so that's who I am choosing. See you tomorrow guys!

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Hope you enjoy the "EPIC" from my world today!

Thanks for watching guys :)

See you next time :)

I am @judethedude!

I am 9 years old, in grade 4 and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
The most EPIC things in my life are Hotwheels adventures, Lego,
playing Minecraft, Roblox, listening to music,
trying out cool science experiments, doing karate
and having LOADS of fun!!!


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Awesome work @judethedude, you’ll be the most shredded 4th grader in no time 💪🏽

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He already is lol - he puts the ninja turtles to SHAME! hahaha


Hahahaha 🐢

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You go @judethedude!!

This is darling! Way to go @judethedude! Love seeing this! We'll stay tuned for the next set of 7 or 8 ;)

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Hey @algo.coder - anything we could possibly do about @cheetah CONSTANTLY bugging my sons posts? they are all COMPLETELY different lol


It's picking up the footer text, it's most of the post.

Too cute and @judethedude your Mother is so lucky to have you helping her out. You look so strong. resteeming

Love your fire!! You have inspired me to turn in my gym application. Totally filled out for Keep going!!
SPECIAL Thanks @rebeccabe for resteeming this...luv u girl!!

What's this haha :D it's not fair you at least got those tasty egg tortellini as a reward for your workout hahah :D but who will cook for me after I'm exhausted? :D Anyway, challenge is of course accepted, lemme just figure out where to post it :D I'm not on twitter + have just a test anonymous instagram to test some algorithms... I'll probably upload it there or something.. let's see :)

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That's so cool of you to do this! By the end of the challenge I guess you would be a strong man. Great Job!

Great to see you in this challenge. Welcome.

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