Why you Should join Seven77 Challenge

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****What is seven77 Challenge?****

Seven77 challenge is lead by @nathanmars to make steem value $7.77 again.

What you have to do is:

1.Why you love or believe in steem and write the day of seven77 #Steem #Seven77

2.Mention #steem #seven77 and @Nathanmars7.

3.Attach a raw video of pushups or saying seven words as per your convenience and post it on Twitter.

****Benefits of joining seven77****

It helps you to stay active everyday in steem.

It helps you to connect with more people where you can a lots of knowledge about steem and crypto.

They are many contests are conducting exclusively for seven77 family members and lots more are coming for seven77 members.

By joining seven77 Challenge you can get love tokens and love points from @nathanmars by commenting on others posts who are participating in seven77 Movement.

As per me

1.I prefer pushups because it helps you to do some exercise everyday without skipping as we are on some challenge so we are motivated to do.

2.I also suggest you to join @actifit for getting rewarded for daily activities like walking, jogging etc.

3.I have seen @nathanmars working hard to make steem value 7.77 again.

4.To support his work I made this post and I was also suggesting already joined Seven77 Family members to make one post explaining seven77 challenge to support nathanmars and seven77 movement.

5.I suggest all my friends to join seven77 Challenge as it is very much simple you have to spend 7 seconds video of pushups or saying seven words and post it on Twitter.

For more info on seven77 read this :https://partiko.app/nathanmars/218-days-until-usd7-77-steem-with-pushbook-network?referrer=hungryanu

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts please comment below.

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#seven77 with LOVE 💙 PASSION !

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I prefer pushups because it helps you to do some exercise everyday without skipping

Appreciate your consistency with Seven77 Challenge

Let's together keep pushing STEEM with PushBook Network

Thanks brother. We are strong together 💪💪

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It's very nice to see your efforts for #seven77. You and your post is awesome and always appreciable.

2.Mention @nathanmars

Kindly edit it as

Mention #Steem #Seven77 @nathanmars7

And post it on Twitter etc...!

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Thanks brother. Done editing

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Welcome anything for family members.

Maybe You have edited too much.
I was just saying write that line as

2- Mention #steem #seven77 and @nathanmars7

Otherwise everything is OK.

Ok brother. Thanks for suggesting

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