KimDotCom Seth Rich Statement - Let's All Unite for #SethRich

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KimDotCom Seth Rich Statement - Let's All Unite for #SethRich


I saw the Seth Rich revelations just released by KimDotCom above, on his website (all links will be below). So I decided instead of talking myself I would let you the viewer read the statement put out by mixed to the Song "Mr. President" which appears in a music video on the website and has been one of my favorite songs for a long time.

Hillary Clinton has made Free Speech worthy of a death sentence for Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich, now let's all unite and turn the tables on her and her cohorts and give them the death penalty.

This is further confirmation that Seth Rich was the source for wikileaks. This means the Russian hacking narrative is and always has been complete garbage. So let's all come together, and share so much info about Seth Rich that the mainstream cannot ignore the story, let's force their hand by making #SethRich the number one # online.

Enjoy The YouTube Film:

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Alternate Platforms:

  1. @BitChute:
  2. Vid.Me:

Links for More Research:

  1. My Previous Video Regarding Seth Rich: Video
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  3. My Other Previous Video About Seth Rich: Video
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  5. The Clinton Body Count Documentary Where I put Seth Rich on Hillary aka the CIA's tab over 9 months ago: Video
  6. Kim.Com Seth Rich Statements:
  7. @SGTReport Article / Video on Seth Rich and KimDotCom:
  8. Brian I Citizen news Video about Seth Rich (partially inspired me to make this film the way I did): Video

Music Credit:

  1. "Mr. President" - Kim Dotcom, Printz Board and Sleep Deez.: Video
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Hi @titusfrost. Just a quick message to say I love your work- God bless you! Also elated your help on uncovering the latest false flag attack in London. Please would you check out my latest short post:

God bless.


I will take a look. Thanks!


Wow I would really appreciate that! If you think it is worthy, please spread it to your followers.

Many people that have painted themselves into a corner...


really hard to know what to make of all this. what would be stopping Assange coming out and supporting this idea too? How does Assange feel about DotCom spreading this info, whether true or not? certainly will be interesting.. i wouldn't be surprised if it was Rich, given the alternative story is complete BS. (RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ahhh so scary.) lol.

It's so obvious the cover story to Seth Rich was total BS. They didn't steel anything. It was a hit. The DNC rigged the game against Bernie and Seth was spilling the beans. AND BOY DID HE HAVE THE BEANS!

Democrat, Republican....doesn't matter, the Clinton's body count continues to climb.


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