SESAME (Revoultion in food delivery industry)

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The food sector is one of the essential industries of today. As the population increases in the world, the development of the food sector is developing in direct proportion. Because to feed billions of people on earth, production, supply chains, and restaurants have to be in operation. Therefore, in the food sector has an extensive network.
One of the significant problems in this sector is the variability of restaurants, which is a waste problem that develops due to regular demand. It is evident that tons of food are thrown into the garbage every day. Another issue is the price problems arising from the cost of intermediates between the food service providers and consumers.
All sesame token is a blockchain ecosystem for the elimination of problems in the food sector and the creation of the global food distribution market. By taking advantage of today's technological sophistication and tools, Ademi has the goal of creating a centralized food distribution market.

Sesame will be a decentralized platform for delivering food ordered from restaurants by courier. The platform structure, which is technically and architecturally well thought out, is organized with smart contracts. Therefore, it is more secure and transparent. Restaurants or restaurant chains on the same network can arrange discount campaigns for non-sold food during the day and announce it at certain times of the day. With' last minute' and 'end of Day' promotions, it is possible to reduce food waste with attractive prices. Thus, unsold food will be purchased by the needy, will not be lost, and will provide both profits. Prices will be cheaper because there will be no means to reach the owners of the services on the network.
Sesame token will change the understanding of food in the social sphere in a significant way. Booking an online table on the platform, searching for and comparing restaurants, sharing your experience is the best way to discover the best tastes. With the feedback system which can be used easily, the information belonging to the restaurants will be kept up to date. The project that maximizes the use of food will also prevent food waste.

The project, which keeps the real-time restaurant's information accurate and up-to-date with the facilitated feedback system, enables the person who ordered the feedback system with intelligent contract support to make a real investigation to create an honest ecosystem. All transactions made due to blockchain structure can be monitored, transparent, secure, and accountable. Participants on the platform can easily control the operations and monitor both food supply and demand.

The indicative sale for project financing will take place on Q2 2019. For Sesame token, users will be able to shop with ETH and other cryptocurrencies. With the wallet application that will be integrated into the platform, users can convert between different types of coins. They can do this without the use of complex exchange sites.

Token Structure
Token name: Sesame Token

Token symbol: SST

Token standard: ERC20

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Road Map



Concept development

Market research and competitive analysis



Team and Advisory Board setup

Development of Business Model


Implementation of smart contracts with solidity

Marketing strategy planning

Fundraising campaign


Whitepaper first draft public announcement

MVP release – Desktop application



Incorporation of new members to AllSesame team

MVP release – Mobile apps

Key strategic Partnerships


Whitepaper, Pitch-deck and one-pager release

Pre – Sale and Pre – ICO

Customer segmentation and relationship

Web platform development, Alpha release for feedback

Social Network integration

Beta IOS and Android apps

Partnerships with restaurants and cafes


ICO Sale

Beta version release of Web platform

Launch of Sesame Token advertising platform for third-parties

AI and ML integration


Launch of AllSesame platform globally.

Vertical and horizontal scaling.

Sesame Token listing on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges



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Food sector is a solid one. The practicality of the Sesame is the key factor for the choice. Thanks.

Food delivery industry is a huge sector that has so many problems. Sesame brings smart solutions to these hard problems.

Sesame will succeed with its project, which serves very active and endless needs. It was one of those projects I had a high chance of.

Sesame platform will provide solutions to problems in food sector with new generation technologies.

Food delivery is important for us. We are order so many foods and drinks in daily lifes. Sesame looks really profitable.

The wallet application that will be integrated into the platform, users can convert between different types of coins.

A project that will be very useful for the food and beverage industry and allows people to learn the source of the food they eat

Wasting food is a really bad thing for so many people and company. But Sesame has a great solution for this wasting issue. They have a nice point!

Sesame will be a dex stage for conveying nourishment requested from cafés by messenger.

Online food marketing is evolving every year. Sesame offers new innovative solutions.