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Steem Basic Income 1.0 - Initial Automation Release

in services •  10 months ago 

Hey @steembasicincome really excited about the new automation. Wondering though,. I have not received an upvote from you guys today at all. Where I did get one on my previous post.. can you please look into that?

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Simpel, your balance is negative, like mine. So no upvotes for us, but @steembasicincome already stated that they will nullify negative balances in a couple of days. After that, we have to get used to the lower vote value we will receive. The negative balance only occured, because we earned more under the old system than under the new system.

We calculated the vote values that everyone should have received under the new system, and each account begins with an initial balance. While most of these balances are positive, about one third of members started with a negative balance. In most cases, this happens because the old system rewarded upvotes in a different way than the new system does.


You do not have to 'earn back' the negative balance to start receiving votes again. We know the large negative balances are because of our design change, and for these members it will be painful enough that your new equilibrium vote values will be lower than you had before. We will be zeroing out negative balances over the first few days. There may still be a short period where we monitor for stability before fully zeroing out the negative balances.

All the negative balances have been zeroed out, and all members are starting to accrue positive balances. There is actually a catch-up provision in the new system, so you may start seeing some token upvotes on the posts that were missed. Those will come in as soon as your balance is high enough to deliver an upvote above our minimum. That initial upvote is not representative of your actual expected value, as your balance will continue to grow until you've reached 5 or 6 posts at your regular posting frequency. At that point it should reach equilibrium for you. How long that takes will depend on your posting frequency.

Okay thank you for responding :)