Am I lost in action ? No is because of circumstance of serving my father land.

in service •  last month 

It has been upto a month plus ,I have not blog or visit my beloved family that is steemit community because of life and environmental factors.

I have been out to another state to serve my father land .it is a mandatory thing you should do after graduating from any institution of higher learning in Nigeria. We call it (NYSC) national youth service corps . It is done for one year for you to be able to give your own quota in national development. I was posted out of my own geographical area to a far place (Adamawa state) located in North East Nigeria . So there was no service to browse with and I got my own experience of life that will be discussed later .



This event was full of lessons but am grateful have successfully finished the camping and now doing what is required of me in my place of primary assignment.

What have I missed so far friends so that I will not miss out or drown in this ocean.


You feedback is highly needed.

Stay blessed friends.

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