The @delegationvoter Daily Report for March 8, 2020

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@delegationvoter, is an upvote bot run by @steemegg. Read more below about what @delegationvoter does and how you can use it.

My current upvote value at 100% is: $0.0003

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@joshh71390 has delegated 25 SP

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Delegating 20 SP is the fastest method


I will upvote every single one of your posts... within limits. I only have so much vote power in a day and only so much I can give out. I'm constantly refining how I balance this amongst all of you but right now here's the gist of how I work: I grant a vote weight based on the average use in the last 3 days. If there were a lot of posts then the weight today will be smaller. I also look at how long ago I gave you a vote. If you post right after another post, the first will get the highest percentage possible while the second will be drastically reduced. This is to prevent one person from taking too much from the rest. It's a good idea to wait 12 to 24 hours if you would like another upvote from me at the highest possible value. Lastly, I upvote posts with the following tags:

['artopium', 'upvote', 'steemit', 'delegationvoter', 'wordsoftheday', 'dtube', 'steemskate', 'dblog']

@delegationvoter is run by @steemegg

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