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I understand now how many mistakes have been made since the moment of thinking about the ICO and I know that everyone asking questions before choosing a particular project. And to be honest, it does not matter who and with what purpose are investing, with the purpose of earning or supporting the project. I want to talk about how and what went wrong, but moreover why we should be trusted.

… we are ready and the world is ready to become even better, but we must trust and let new technologies unfold …

5 fatal mistakes we made.

Everybody make mistakes and we are no exception. I usually do not hurry in the choice of solutions, but this time I succumbed to the partner’s persuasion to launch ICO with this project. In September 2017, we were on the crypto conference and then it all began…

  1. Play it fast and loose.

We should have worked out a more qualitative strategy. Select dates and periods. As it became clear later, we started too quickly. Established a short time for the ICO. Fortunately, we could fix it and extended the deadlines.

  1. A new type of a smart contract.

We decided not to conduct the ICO like everyone else, having read Vitalik Buterin’s article on the new ICO standard. What our ICO distinguishes from everyone else:

· The possibility of return on investment at the time of ICO in automatic mode. Too many SCAM projects were already at that time, and in the event of the possibility of a return, the scam-project would certainly not have gone to such risks. I believe that a smart contract for ICO is a solution from the scam. It gives more confidence. And if the project is really not a working business model, and this is confirmed by an expert from the community, this will only make it better for everyone. The project will not waste time on development, and investors will not lose their money. We felt that this is not just a solution for a crypto community, but also a marketing move for us. Not having a sufficient budget for marketing, we still launched the ICO, hoping that the crypto community will support us and promote information on the new ICO standard.

· There is no hard and soft cap. We decided that the community itself will appreciate how much the project costs. We started the development of the service much earlier to the idea of ​​ICO and in any case planned to launch it according to the roadmap. Later we saw how perplexed the audience was. There are no things customary for people, we try to explain it by ourselves. Of course, as a project, we determined for ourselves the amounts with the minimum and most necessary budget. This is 3 and 15 million dollars to enter the international market.

  1. Lack of advisers. There is no one to ask how to do it right. Advisors, who it is and where to get them. What are the conditions of working with them? As a result, we found advisers only a few weeks ago and, thanks to their advice, corrected many shortcomings. If they had been with us before, of course, we would not have made many mistakes.

  2. The economy of tokens is not developed. In general, we can say that we did not mess around and thought that the speculative character of actions with tokens was quite enough. Later we developed a unique tool allowing the price of tokens to grow, and tokens themselves always be in demand. This is done to replace the financing of productions and companies in the service by banks and other institutions to execute transactions with the possibility of scaling. On February 19, I met with the former chairman of one of the Kazakhstan’s banks, and after he confirmed how much the system we have developed could be useful, we became even more confident to move forward and found several more new options.

  3. Lack of a sufficient budget for marketing. Until the very beginning of the ICO, we should have warmed up the audience, we did not do it at the right time. And now extending the timeframe of the ICO, we will do it. We also did not use such tool as the whitelist, and regretted about it. But they say better late than never. Now on the first page of the ICO we placed the application form in the whitelist. We have prepared excellent conditions for investors from the sheet.

Terms will be provided as soon as the form is filled out, KYC is automatically passed by filling out. Welcome https://ico.aida.market/

We understand that all this certainly affected the total amount collected for today. I promise to all who believed and will believe in our project, to show the best result and to fulfil all of what we said earlier. Many are asking the same questions, will we be able to make such product in Kazakhstan? I assure you, we have already completed it by 65%. It remains to work for small.

I also would like to add that it is from Almaty that a lot of specialists work in GOOGLE, Facebook and other famous IT companies. We have been fortunate to work with one of the best IT specialists. By the end of this year, we will be able to show the results of the service. I am ready to personally answer any questions in our chat room if you still have doubts and questions. https://t.me/aida_market

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I really like this accountability is key!

видно ,что команда работает,самое главное не просто предлагают продукт,а хотят сделать его действительно качественным,молодцы!)