START of the NEW STANDARD of the ICO. Message from our CEO.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our ICO on February 28, 2018!

For us, this is an important point. Despite the mistakes we made, but thanks to your support, we closed the Presale by + 380k.

Whitelist will be available some more time, after which we will sum up and close access to it. There is still a possibility to get the privileges of whitelist participants. Also we remind that the bonus at this stage is + 10% until March 25. Further, from March 26 to April 25–5%.

We see that not everyone understands how our ICO is conducted without the elements that are usual for participants of the crowd sale.

For example, in contrast to all previous ICOs:

· In our ICO there is no HARD and SOFTCAP, I will immediately explain why such changes are made. We have started the development of the service way before deciding to conduct ICO and we are planning plans to continue its development regardless of the results of the ICO. We have determined for ourselves that a minimum amount of $ 3 million will be sufficient to enter the global market and fulfil the ROADMAP timeframe, and $ 15 million maximum to cover at the same time all countries with better study and marketing activities, all the ideas on the development of the service.

· There is no information on the total number of simulated tokens — in real time we have information on how many tokens are already there, the issue is made upon receipt of funds. Upon completion of the ICO, tokens will not be emitted. So, the total number of tokens issued during the preICO and ICO period will be the total number of tokens.

Imagine that the issuer fixes an estimate of $ 100 million. Investors come. In total, they have $101 million. So, someone will definitely stay out of the boat. This proves the first dilemma that was inherent in ICO 2017. We fixed it in our ICO. The point is that almost everyone emits their tokens before ICO, and in case of bad collection, this causes the risk of sharp inflation of the value of the tokens. At us the cost is fixed and the quantity of tokens can not be more than real capitalization.

· We made it possible automatically return deposits on request. We have absolutely nothing to fear, we initially took the position of full openness to our community and in return would like to receive more feedback to improve the service. In order to protect the participant of the crowd sale from the huge number of scam projects, we, on the advice of one of the supervisors, decided to make a small contribution.

With this kind of approach to ICO:

Ø Firstly, the scam will not conduct such an ICO,

Ø And secondly the community itself not only decides to participate in the crowdsdale, but also has the opportunity to warn against unsuccessful investments in the project of other participants.

I would also like to talk about the news in the alpha testing of the service and its implementation in the development company. After we identified the missing elements for users, we gave them into the revision to our team. Literally within the next week we will finish these edits and try to conduct the first test transaction through the service. We are in anticipation. Also, the document exchange module is being developed and the payment module has been completed.

We are preparing a number of changes and would like to consult the community, this will take place as a vote in our telegram chat , for the most active we have prepared rewards as tokens. Let me remind you that tokens can be used not only for speculation on the exchange, but also as a tool for participation and earnings on transactions within the service. For more details, see the “economy of tokens” section in the whitepaper.

We plan to finish alpha testing this month and start the launch of other companies in the service. To date, 52 applications from manufacturers and 80 applications from companies of customers have been received. And all this has been done as such without any advertising.

As always, I am open to any questions and discussions, community opinion is important for us, so please do not be shy and be active. Thank you all so much for being with us!

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All the best

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i love project.. good luck

great project