New features of the AIDA service.

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Hello everyone, our dear friends! We have great news. As we always say, we strive to make our service better for you. Therefore, the result of the service integrating in Almaty and Astana was the decision to improve our product, namely:

  1. For a showcase — a palette of colours (for the purpose of an opportunity of acquisition of the various goods depending on the chosen colour). For example, the choice of floor tiles by the colour that customer is looking for.

  2. Increase in the number of product characteristics in the marketplace and a more detailed description of the goods, with the aim of more convenient search and exact finding of the necessary goods.

  3. To determine the required quantity of goods for purchase, we decided to take a calculator into development. For example, a factory that sells concrete tiles per piece will be able to sell to the customer these tiles by 4 square meters by simply calculating them. Calculation of the quantity of goods to weight, volume or area will be possible thanks to the calculator.

  4. Entering the module of the contract requirements from the producer. Before the purchase, there will be shown a module to thee customer- that is, a contract in which the conditions of the manufacturer will be announced according to the conditions of return or non-refund.

  5. Module "Approval Sheet", in which there will be an opportunity to approve the document / contract / application, by all participants of the business process within any company. That will save the entire approving part, but save a lot of time on the document flow when transferring the document / contract / application from the department to the department.

All these new introductions in our service, will improve it. And of course we doing this for you, for people. Hope you will appreciate this.


AIDA service.

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