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Yesterday, our guys from Marketing team has visited presentation of the professor Brian Hallet from IE university about “ What makes online branded content and campaigns go viral?” The topic at the moment is insanely relevant, and we could not miss such event.

What we learned from the presentation:

-to the question of creating a portrait of your consumer you need to approach a little differently. And to think not only about the first step of the buyer of your service / product, but also their customers, buyers of buyers. And so at least 5 times. Why is that? Because video / advertising etc. is viral when it is not distributed within one society (for example, Beyonce’s photo and many of her followers reposted it in their Instagram) — BUT if it has spread in a short period to other groups of people. (And note here it is not about millions of people, it can be inside one university, country, continent, etc.) The main thing is that people distributing information form one network to a different network. In other words, you must think about the audience’s audience’s audience’s audience.

-Gatekeepers. Funny, but a real story from life. Everyone remembers the song Bill Haley- Rock around the clock? Listen. Be sure to remember.

So, the label on which they recorded, told them to record another song. And if they will left some time, they could record Rock around the clock. So, having recorded the song that they were supposed to, for the remaining half-hour, they recorded only a small interval of the song they wanted. Later, the song on which label has spent more time and money, did not meet expectations. And the song Rock around the clock was taken to the collection by a boy whose father was a popular man in the world of cinematography. And one day the director of the film “School Jungle” came to the farther for advice on the account of rock and roll songs. Then the father advised to the director to ask his son, the collector of music. And after hearing only the first notes of the song, the director decided that this is exactly what he was looking for!
And now? Now to this day this song is popular, even the generation of 2000x knows it. And it was this song that played a decisive role in popularizing this genre in music. A clear example of “going VIRAL”. And in this example, gatekeeper is a boy who collected music.

-Storytelling. Want to be good marketing manager, learn to tell stories. And for this, listen more and communicate absolutely with different people!

-The most advanced, yet acceptable. If too advanced, ppl will not accept. Make it familiar, and accessible. Push as far, as you can, but make it acceptable. But not too easy, otherwise it might be boring.

-And always follow the news, events, innovations in the world. So you will always be in a trend.

As the professor himself says to his students, “learn how to learn.” Especially in the profession of a marketer. Since the beginning of studies, until the end in this profession it will be so many changes. So learn how to learn, friends!

In turn, we want to thank Kimep university for arranging such events!




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