Crypto Conference in Almaty

in service •  11 months ago

Yesterday was held Crypto Conference in Almaty, in the Rixos Hotel. Our head @ ualixan88 was there as a speaker with the topic “Application and usefulness of block chain in traditional business”.

We were glad to hear positive feedback about our service, interest. This reaction makes us stronger only, and we strive to improve our product💥 Also there were Hollywood actors as the guests of the conference, which of course can not please 😅.

We are happy that in Kazakhstan this direction is gradually developing, we hope that our community will only increase and develop. In turn, we want to thank the organizers of the conference, we met interesting and ambitious people changing the world for the better.

photo_2018-02-17_22-40-07 (2).jpg
photo_2018-02-17_22-40-07 (5).jpg
photo_2018-02-17_22-40-07 (3).jpg
photo_2018-02-17_22-40-07 (4).jpg

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