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Serve, a blockchain coordinations company is building up a blockchain protocol went for last mile conveyance and decentralizing distribution of all services considered. By empowering on-request distribution of any item or services, Serve intends to slice exorbitant transactions cost up to 40 percent by removing the middleman.

With a decentralized protocols, Serve intends to enhance the quality and proficiency of distribution benefits by empowering a simply view into the supply chain and request process just as by giving responsibility upheld by a network of boosted users. This will be practiced utilizing Serve's very own product, the Serve Token, which will encourage transactions and boost users to approve quality services amid pickups and distribution.

Serve intends to present its smart contracts, wallet, experimental run program, and token ecosystem in various markets in the coming months.

Because of the characteristic of this division, people, companies and foundations have met people's high expectations by making platform where buy should be possible without tingle, yet as of late it has been examined that a portion of these offices are not by any means transperency, modest, practical or solid.

It is on this premises Serve platform was made utilizing a decentralized ecosystem upheld by blockchain technology to give a dimension playing ground to the service business by permitting Users (for example benefactors), Enterprises (for example organizations) and Providers (for example distribution drivers) to execute in an open economy with complete transparency and trust.

In opposition to prevalent thinking, Serve doesn't mean to upset organizations like Uber, Lyft, and Amazon.


On the Serve platform clients, Enterprise and makers are opportuned to interrelate with one another in light of the fact that SERVE was manufactured a P2P (Peer to Peer) platform with no requirement for a delegate which will thusly diminish cost radically. Likewise, Serve offers a platfom where purchasers (clients) interfaces simply with vendors (suppliers).

Serve platform that was a result of the need to expel existing complexities being looked by the present reality in the region of procurement. The Serve platform is upheld by the blockchain technology which ensures transparency of all transactions did, security of users assets and decentralization.


Serve token which has a Ticker of SRV is the native token of the serve platform. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain smart contract technology and will be used for all types of transactons and services(On Demand Deliveries, Same Day Deliveries, Next Day Deliveries, GIG Services, Last Mile Logistics, nourishment conveyances and item conveyances, Transportation, E-business, Logistics and so forth) being done on the SERVE platform.

A completely propelled wallet was made by the Serve platform for its clients to help oversee and hold their SRV tokens in a simply, anchored and decentralized system. The wallet will be made accessible after the fruitful stamping of SRV tokens. The SRV token has got heaps of use cases like approval, rewards purposes and the host of others which will help keep the token and increment its incentive over the long tern.


Rather, they are enabling them. The majority of the huge players are managing issues, for example, high driver turnover, trust and simplicity in the transactions, and the surprising expense of onboarding drivers. By making a decentralized worldwide workforce, these expansive players can associate with Serve and begin profiting from decreased advertising, no turnover, and no expense of onboarding drivers. Since drivers are required to stake tokens and clients are enabled to survey confirmed transactions, all projects, paying little heed to estimate, can have a similar dimension of trust in the worldwide workforce.


Token: SERVE

Ticker : SRV

Network: ERC-20 Compatible BLE (Ethereum)

Total Supply : 10,000,000 (10 BILLION)


Founders: 10%

Team & Advisory Board: 10%

Marketing: 20%

Community: 25%

Pre Payments: 35%




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