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Hello my great friends, I want to share with you all a very vital information, about a project that is worth taking advantage of. I want you all to take a few minutes of your time to go through the details of this project and you are free to drop any comment should in case you don't have a proper understanding.
One of the major objectives of Serve is to see to the issues that are influencing the present shared economy like the administration charges that is over 40%, confined administration zones, low responsibility, and some more. The Serve platform will utilize a grouping of smart contracts to make accessible instruments for trustless exchanges and successful debate goals.
The Serve protocol platform will allow each enrolled client to buy goods and services straight from enterprises with a low transaction charge. With the guide of the serve blockchain technology, industries will most likely make their profile and then validated by clients. In regard to submitting content, affirmed surveys, and visiting areas, Clients are boosted by their community donations. The Serve platform has formed out a noteworthy arrangement of escrow contracts that will hold transactions and the Serve token “SRV” pending when exchanges are finished and fruitful between the two gatherings to guarantee a straightforward trust.
Serve has revolutionized to decentralize the conveyance services internationally. Serve is a blockchain logistics organization that has built up its very own blockchain protocol. Serve is intended to catalysts the conveyance and dispersal scene through decentralizing circulation of the total services. Serve will help the little sellers who are enlisted on the Serve platform and not excluding the autonomous service providers by allowing them to convey their services through Serve own software platform.
Serve will likewise help with lessening costs for logistics companies, which in this manner allow buyers to get to each item and services with lesser expenses, more prominent esteem, and advantageous helpful services bereft of outsiders who are not financially savvy. The present huge player conveyance services are charging vendors and purchasers extravagantly for services that ought to be a practical administration. The truth of the matter is that outsiders are profiting more contrasted with traders to the detriment of the customers in a brought together platform. In any case, the case is diverse with a decentralized platform that is bereft of outsiders.

The following are solutions created by this great platform
1.The Serve series of Smart contracts spare the freelancers in Gig economy of all the considerable number of difficulties they confront.
2.The Serve blockchain technology will solve the present challenges faced in the Gig economy.
3.The integration of distributed ledgers into the company’s payment structure reduces companies’ yearly chargebacks.
4.The elimination of excessive fees through the series of Serve Smart Contract thereby facilitating transactions.
5.All users of the Serve’s platform are entitled to 2.5% fees as compared to the present approximately 40% fees.
6.Eradication of extensive investment costs and fees.
7.Eradication of frauds with help of the Serve blockchain technology.
8.Eradication of third-parties with help of the Serve blockchain technology.
9.Conveying Trust and security to products and services
10.Incentivization of drivers and other logistics providers.

The Serve Token is the fuel of the Serve platform that will ensure transactions and boost of clients to validate quality service all through pickups and deliveries. SRV is also used to validate and confirm services and quality of goods and services employing via staking mechanisms while concomitantly capitalizing on decentralized and direct delivery service. The Serve token additionally allows individuals in the Serve ecosystem to discretely stake in each exchange in which they share.


For more information, visit the links below:
WEBSITE: https://serve.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://serve.io/whitepaper.html
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Serve-2103555016339871
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/servetoken
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/servetoken


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