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Serve has revolutionized to decentralize the delivery services globally. Serve is a blockchain logistics organization that has developed its own blockchain protocol. Serve is designed to expedients the delivery and dispersal landscape through decentralizing distribution of the absolute services.

Serve diplomacies are to attain about 40 percent or more discount in transaction rate by means of eradicating all intermediaries (third-party) and allow on-demand conveyance of products and services. However, the system and the native currency of Serve, which is the SRV token will aid P2P (Peer-to-Peer) or B2C (Business-to-Customer) delivery services in a transparent, convenient, secure environment with a low fee transaction.

More so, the Serve protocol platform will permit every registered user to purchase goods and services straight from enterprises with a low transaction fee. With the aid of the serve blockchain technology, industries will be able to create their profile and then corroborated by users. In respect to submitting content, confirmed reviews, and paying a visit to locations, Clients are incentivized by their community donations.

Serve will assist the small vendors who are registered on the Serve platform and not excluding the autonomous service providers by permitting them to deliver their services through Serve own software platform. Serve will also assist in reducing costs for logistics companies, which will thereby permit consumers to access every product and services with lesser fees, greater value, and supplementary convenient services void of third-parties who are not cost effective.

The present big player delivery services are charging merchants and consumers exorbitantly for services that should be an expedient service. The fact is that third-parties are benefiting more compared to merchants at the expense of the consumers in a centralized platform. However, the case is different with a decentralized platform that is void of third-parties.

One of the major aims of Serve is to see to the problems that are affecting the present shared economy like the service fees that is over 40%, restricted service zones, low accountability, and many more. The Serve platform will be using a sequence of smart contracts to make available mechanisms for trustless transactions and effective dispute resolution. The Serve platform has fashioned out a major set of escrow contracts that will hold transactions and the Serve token “SRV” pending when transactions are complete and successful between both parties to ensure a transparent trust. The Serve smart contract processes every deposit, recurring services (such companies that needs a regular supply of products) and payments to ensure a trustless transaction on the Serve platform.


With the Serve blockchain technology being the supply chain highway, users can order a product from a precise store, and be self-assured of its quality, identify the stakeholders that are in charge of the product, and as well be informed of the precise time of the product’s arrival. The Serve platform is designed to provide or for users to have a unique and exclusive delivery experience and eradicating fraud and malfeasance thereby, improving operational productivity while enhancing the trust that people have in the platform.

The Serve Core will permit all logistics establishments to add the kind of functionality they require.

The Serve code is an open source that is completely immutable and decentralized. This implies that no one controls the project, entrusting authority into the hands of stakeholders. The Serve Core has various features that include, transaction data, Smart contract, reputation management (i.e. fishing out bad actors), incentives for participation, accountability, and not excluding features that individuals expect from the Serve blockchain, APIs, SDKs, and SaaS technologies.

Developers can use the open protocol and the SDK API to connect to the Serve blockchain to develop a marketplace for companies

The Serve platform gives official authority to all businesses, irrespective of their size, to coxswains the multifaceted logistics landscape. The facilitates various types of orders. Serve is a platform decentralizing Logistics Services on the Blockchain.

In the Gig economy, third-party platforms pose as intermediaries and incurs excessive fees of about 5 to 20% just to link freelancers to employers.

In the Gig economy, there is every tendency of loss of funds to the third-party platform by freelancers due to a violation of rules or in a case where there is a foldup.

End users are faced with increased platform fees.

End users end up purchasing a product twice or thrice its net price.

In a case of pizza, the net fee for delivery is twice the amount of the pizza price.

Competitions between the small-scale businesses and the big players.

Lack of trust and security in the centralized platforms.

Increase rate of fraud in the centralized platform

The centralized platforms always use the services of third-parties that makes end users and companies face a lot of challenges.

Tracking goods and services is not possible with the centralized platform

The increase in demand for goods and services has led to inaccurate deliveries, untimely performance, and other issues that outcome is frustration and wasted value.

The driver and various logistics providers are poorly paid and undervalued.

The third-parties fees every so often adds up to between 30 percent and 40 percent to the price of the delivered product or service.

Untrustworthily logistics providers cause harm to the benevolence of businesses thereby causing customers to be angry.

This restriction of delivery to some geological zone.

The Serve series of Smart contracts save the freelancers in Gig economy of all the challenges they face.

The Serve blockchain technology will solve the present challenges faced in the Gig economy.

The integration of distributed ledgers into the company’s payment structure reduces companies’ yearly chargebacks.

The elimination of excessive fees through the series of Serve Smart Contract thereby facilitating transactions.

All users of the Serve’s platform are entitled to 2.5% fees as compared to the present approximately 40% fees.

Elimination of extensive investment costs and fees.

Elimination of frauds with help of the Serve blockchain technology.

Elimination of third-parties with help of the Serve blockchain technology.

Bringing Trust and security to products and services

Incentivization of drivers and other logistics providers.

Serve profits consumers by letting them negotiate shipping charges thereby facilitating end users to have control over how much they agreed to pay for a service provider for their delivery.

Complete removal of third-parties.

Serve permits end users to have access to various services. Starting from the on-demand consignment services for online acquisitions and package deliveries to ride-sharing and not excluding food deliveries, Serve platform also permits end users to access the on-demand transport options.

The Serve blockchain technology will provide reduced charges to every end user. Companies will be able to use the services of Serve providers to ship goods, as a substitute for the present delivery services.

Stakeholders that are utilizing the Serve platform will have access to their preferred businesses.

With aid of the Serve website and decentralized applications, consumers are capable of requesting services and also place orders from their favorite or choice of vendors.

All registered end users that are connected with enterprises on the Serve will have access to the service providers who have already put up their reputation on exceeding consumer prospects.

Watch the videos below on how users and businesses benefits from Serve's platform:

The Serve Token “SRV” is the fuel of the Serve platform that will enable transactions and incentivization of users to corroborate quality service all through pickups and deliveries. SRV is also used to validate and confirm services and quality of goods and services employing via staking mechanisms while concomitantly capitalizing on a decentralized and direct delivery service. The Serve token also permits members in the Serve ecosystem to discretely stake in every transaction in which they partake.


If you’re interested in knowing more about this project, please endeavor to visit and get in touch with Serve through the links below or email Serve platform :


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