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Almost everyone of us have heard about decentralization blockchain on different platforms but most people still find it had to explain how it actually works because some think its ponzi scheme and not really safe because recently there have been lots of breaching going on so many network.

But Decentralization is not new to the world infact it has been in existence for hundreds of years and its because human being keeps evolving with the way we think and see things. And About 10years ago "Nakamoto Satoshi " came up with Bitcoin as a peer to peer electronic system and since the decentralization through blockchain as been the interest of computer scientists .

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology means that it doesn’t rely on a central point of control but Privacy has always been an issue 

In the crypto world today there are various privacy ventures for example Zcash , Monero , Dash with all mainly focused on tackling privacy issues.

The designers of SERO intends to pursue this pattern while additionally enhancing the present privacy-focused stages. Excessively zERO (SERO) because of its reliance on Zero Knowledge verification idea is the world's first privacy chain that licenses DApp originators to make privacy-focused digital forms of money that help brilliant contract and use the privacy-guaranteeing fiscal structures in the DApps.

Sero the innovative solution

SERO is a blockchain framework, the first of its benevolent that really has thought regarding total insurance of privacy in a much faster way, they plan to bring this out using non-zero-knowledge proof. At the point when contrasted with other blockchain security assurance innovations, SERO isn't simply inspired by the insurance of record and exchange information, they additionally support Turing as a smart contracts , and they also allow developers to create their very own cryptocurrency based in smart contracts but would be based on the SERO-chain.

Sero  is a result of long periods of research to take care of the issue of privacy and security issues in the present day blockchain. With a one of a kind arrangement of supporting smart contracts and empowering the making of Decentralized applications, SERO will be top class' privacy chain venture in years to come. SERO privacy security arrangements are based on three primary conventions which are Sero convention, Alien convention, and Castrol convention.

SERO PROTOCOL: This supports smart contract creation and privacy of digital assets.

ALIEN PROTOCOL: This solves the current security risk in the transmission of data within a decentralized network.

CASTROL PROTOCOL: This gives the highest point of  protection to every single center on the web inside a decentralized framework


The SERO  team has worked very hard to discover appropriate and enduring answers for the issues confronting the crypto world, which are for the most part weakness and insecurity of privacy, they comprehend that everybody has a privilege to their privacy and love the solace that security gives, so they will make a point to offer back to clients' their security and privacy that as well as a very much ensured security and privacy where there is no rupture or interruption of any kind. And Even at the early stages of its development plan the SERO has already proven to be 20X faster than ZCASH Network in its testnet phase.

Project Team


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Superb, when will the token sale begin ?

The coin is actively trading already

Privacy coins are good for users keeping them anonymous and a private blockchain project is even better


You can read more about it on the Whitepaper


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