The flashing of the joy STEEM account-value!!


Never flash your money around said my dad, it attracts thieves and thugs. Keep it in your pocket or keep it safe and out of sight of strangers.

Because of a few million dollars on steem-display and an Internet full of scammers and thieves our company has had to pay a lot for extended security. No problem for us, we can afford it - but not everyone can and in the class society people in ghettos and slums get beaten up over nothing, what can steemians expect when the whole world can see they have something?

We as a company now have Israelian mossad-trained UN-approved military-protection 24/7 + more cameras, electric fences, and all kinds of cool shit we did not need before when we were somewhat anonymous or at least shielded from a public google search, however it has done wonders for the company in regards of credit-worthyness - but it is kind of sad to now have to experience how tough we have to be, simply to manage our stake properly.

We have heard many stories about extortion, we have heard about murders done to crypto-holders who lived in the wrong community and the reward to risk must have been worth it.

Real Power is something you must TAKE - It cannot be given to you!
What good does a trezor wallet with maximum protection do you if you are kidnapped and extorted to give up your keys? What do you do when strangers send picture of your children from the school or kindergarden extorting you, or else you may never see them again?

Yes - Some of you need to be stressed about these REAL ISSUES!
Basic security for your coins does not stop at encrypted papperwallets and hidden encrypted volumes, password managers and 2FA solutions... That is where it starts!

How to hide your STEEM ACCOUNT BALANCE from anyone but yourself?
By public demand of course. If you as a private citizen, entitled to privacy for yourself and your belongings - you must start writing posts here on STEEM why you want some privacy when it comes to information outsiders can find out about you... like your introduction-post with image of your face + your wallet a click away...

The technology for PRIVACY exists and can be implemented - but ALL OF YOU need to start demanding it!
The technology is easily deployed, you can ask any C++ developer with crypto experience about that. So If you want it, start writing posts about it and make sure #privacy #witnesses #developer and @ned or @sneak know what you want.

Our witness: @fyrst-witness will support steem-wallet and transaction-privacy when proposed - Do you vote for it?
Over at you should easily find a button to click on to vote!
Thank you for reading, now it is up to you if you want to act!


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