My Watched Series: The Umbrella Academy (2019)

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Since years you can see comic- and superheroes everywhere what has a screen. Whether television, streaming services or in the cinema, they are indispensable. And since Netflix has taken the Marvel series out of their program, new heroes have to come here! The Umbrella Academy is still unknown in the mainstream as a comic, but thanks to the series, which is really well done, this will probably change very soon.

I love Netflix and their ideas and superheroe series, especially Marvel. I was disappointed when the Marvel series were discontinued because I am also a mega Marvelfan! Readers of my blog will now that! You know how it is then: Nothing can hold a candle to the previous one! Last time some friends spoke about The Umbrella academy and they said to me "watch it, it is really good, you will like it!" So I did it too. The Umbrella Academy started off a bit dull for my taste, I felt as if the makers were trying to portray something that didn't work for me but I wanted to give the series its chance. And to be honest, luckily I didn't stop watching!

The comic adaption starts off a bit lame as i said, but goes into a wacky mix of family drama and superhero action with elements from mystery and a bit of thriller, sometimes it gets dark and the series also has lot of fun, even if it's a little strange.

But let's get to the story that starts out a little weird. All over the globe at the same time different children come into the world inexplicably. The ultra-rich Reginald Hargreeves can locate and adopt 6 of these children, who all have special abilities. Then, years later, when Reginald Hargreeves dies, the adoptive siblings come together at the funeral.
One of the siblings, number 5, who can travel through time, warns the others of an impending apocalypse that must be averted, and so the unequal heroes join forces to prevent the end...

There is Luther among the siblings, who is half a human half monkey, who lives alone on the moon. He is the real leader of the academy. Then there is Allison, who can impose her will on others. When Luther and Allison come together, both behave like little teenagers instead of half grown-ups. The situation is different with the crazy and drug-dependent Klaus, who can talk to dead people. So he sometimes talks to the deceased brother Ben. Beside these three there is the daredevil Diego, who is a weapons and knife expert. Also strange is number five, who left the others at the age of 13 to travel into the future. On his return to the present he is stuck in the body of a 13 year old boy. And last but not least there is Vanya, who does nothing but play the violin and has no other skills and therefore suffers from not belonging to the troupe. But as the story unfolds, the role Vanya plays in the whole reveals itself and only then does the series get its depth.

It's all packed with a flair that makes you think you're in a movie that's set in earlier times, which definitely gives the show a touch of its own. You need some time to get used to it at first, but once you're inside it's all the more fun. The breathtaking look, the look of the human monkey Pogo, some scenes and the whole setting, which puts it into a timeless era, which looks very familiar but is still somehow enraptured. In addition, every action scene is accompanied by music with the appropriate accompaniment, which gives the whole thing something pleasant or, when things get gentler, violin and piano come into play. What the whole thing shouldn't lack are the villains, because every superhero needs an opponent, otherwise a superhero wouldn't be a superhero, right? The female part of the villain is played by the RnB & Soulqueen Mary J. Blige, who comes across very funny and skilful.

All in all, The Umbrella Academy convinced me. The time travel, the whole superhero mix, the funny but still mean scoundrels, the drama, the look and the wacky story definitely make me want more. I'm already looking forward to the 2nd season!

At IMDb the series got 8 stars from me, if I could I would give her 8.4 want.

Images: 1, 2, 3 --- Video: Netflix

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Can't wait for season 2

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Oh Snap this one kind of slipped through the cracks. I did watch it's trailer before hand and was excited for that but I must have forgotten to watch. I will most certainly hope ahead and watch it.

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Hi, i'm new on steemit. Good post, i upvoted this post.


thank you and welcome to steemit!

great feed. keep it up :)

not in the daredevil league for me yet but interesting. nice use of soundtrack.
titans are also ok watch

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Thanks for the review. I've been wondering whether to watch this one or not. I might just have to give it a look.

I loved this series and you are right that it is refreshing and oddly familiar.

Hola hola.. soy nuevo acá, espero les sea de muy buena ayuda para ud. y que me puedan dar una mano también, saludos y abrasos.


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En este tipo de series prefiero "SABRINA", sale el 5 de abril por cierto