My Watched Series: Love, Death & Robots (2019)

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Love, Death & Robots is an animation series produced by Netflix exclusively for the adult audience. Violence, sex, blood, action, mindfunk, crazy trips - the series is awesome! I have watched the series in one piece and am thrilled!

But before I delve into the series, I must first say that David Fincher, who had already worked at Mindhunter and House of Cards for Netflix, is now responsible for Love, Death & Robots with none other than Deadpool director Tim Miller. This mixture of both can only produce something genially fucked up! Who also has loved the Deadpool Movies, will adore Love, Death & Robots!


Love, Death & Robots is an anthology series where each episode takes place in its own world and is self-contained. The series contains a total of 18 episodes of varying lengths - from 5 to 17 minutes. All Episodes are animated except one episode and each episode has a different animation style. Some episodes are so much in love with detail, others resemble animes or the style of well-known animated movies, from 2D drawing style to 3D animation, which are very reminiscent of video sequences from computer games, it's all there.

When I did begun to watch Love, Death & Robits two days ago at night, I was just speechless after the first episode. The first episode Sonnie's Edge makes you realize and shows you what's coming your way with the next episodes: a dark atmosphere, brutal and bloody action with lots of sex and lots of mindfuck!

But not all episodes have a serious tone, there are also episodes underneath, with bitterly evil stories and with a lot of black humor. As an example 3 different robots talk about the decline of mankind during their sightseeing tour in a destroyed city, where there are still everywhere dead humans, or in another episode an intelligent yogurt takes over the world domination, or in another one alternative stories are told about Hitler and what would have happened if he had done something different.


The stories are all an unique trip and sometimes even really strange and crazy. Love, Death & Robots is definitely not an ordinary animation series, but something completely different. You might try to compare it with The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits, but even that's no comparison. It's something completely of its own, with its special tone and touch. Also, the recurring alternation between the episodes, from brutal violence to something more quiet but bizarre story with black humor, is very well kept, so that you don't even notice how fast the series races past you. The series is also well cut out with the different lengths of the episodes, so that you won't get bored.

Although all episodes of the series have their own story in their own world, there is something that connects all episodes: Love, Death & Robots (Machines) - as the name of the series tells us well. The grace construct of the series and all the stories in it is held together by these three words. In every episode you can see robots or machines in every imaginable shape and size that make a difference. In every episode, love and death play an important role.

Each of the stories also addresses deep human themes such as afraid, paranoia, the meaning of life, sex and love or something bigger and unimaginable that scares us because we can't understand it. Despite the seriousness of some episodes or the humor of others, all the mindfuckers burn into your brain.


For example the 7th episode Beyond the Aquila Rift is a real nightmare mindfuck trip that you won't be able to forget. Besides all the details and the 3D animation that give the episode its depth, I think it could have been extended a bit more. This is also true for the last episode or the episode with the Skinwalker.

Love, Death & Robots not only offers a variety of story themes, but each episode has its own style, created by another studio. Classic 2D drawings or modern 3D animation techniques, which show almost photorealistic pictures, impress you at the same time. All except one episode are animated, and the one that is not animated was shot with real actors using slow motion animation.

Although you might think that some 3D animations from a few episodes are the same, but they are very different and no two episodes have the exact same style. That's one of the reasons why Love, Death & Robots doesn't give you time for boredom because it's just too varied. Before you start getting used to one style, the next episode throws you into a totally new world with a different style and theme!


All 18 episodes of the season come in less than 4 hours and I watched them through 2 days ago in the night because I couldn't stop. It was almost like a drug throwing you from one trip to the next, from one disturbing world to the next, without you getting tired or the thought of getting bored now. The series is like a drug frenzy that you have to get into! The series is a must for all people who deal with profound things!

Some of the episodes have potential for much more and arouse curiosity for more in that worlds! Maybe, I hope, some episodes will get their own long movie or their own short series? But this demand is also just wishful thinking, triggered by a series that acts like a drug on one's own.

Love, Death & Robots is a truly fucked up trip you shouldn't miss and it got from me 9 Stars at IMDb!



I have this in my list, but I haven't really dug into it yet. I like that the longest episode is only about 17 minutes long. That should really allow me to burn through them quickly in a evening, but apparently I have yet to do that. I did start the one with the man and child at the beginning fighting a "catwoman". I was actually thinking about tackling it tonight if I am not totally engulfed in basketball when I get home. Thanks for sharing this!

nice buddy!!!

Look good, thanks

I love that too

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The talking cat was funny

But farmers fighting aliens was the best one... and borderline some of them should’ve been full on feature films.

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Es una excelente serie, yo también la tengo

Thanks for the review!

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Good post)) I liked it all with what I can see) since I haven’t seen it yet but I think it will be interesting on the screenshots. Thanks to the author for opening a new one, I will look at the day and write my opinions about this movie masterpiece)))))

really those short suits me are super good

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