My watched Series: Chernobyl (2019) #3

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If the camera, which always shows incredibly close and then again very far with the establishing shot, how lonely and abandoned something can be, which was just animated by hundreds of thousands of souls, then they combine it with a scene picture which is very impressive. The whole thing feels like an outfit of the eighties in every second.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why this series has such a gloomy quality, because it's very set on cold colors, on something desolate, which is complemented by music, where it always seems with its sounds as if death floats over all what we see there.

And when you combine that with the noise of violin counters, the cracking of the measuring devices, the radiation values, come close to the dangerous place and go away again, then it's so haunting and exciting that the creators actually do very little but also very much right. It's really great how this has been done by hand.

This also applies to costumes and make-up. We have everything from simple clothing for the inhabitants to functional clothing. When it comes to dressing up something or getting closer to it, to uniform and politicians, to whom functional suits up to practical nudity, not erotic nudity but simply being naked to survive, and somehow being able to do what you have to do.

A really great performance but also as far as make-up is concerned. When you look people in the face and see that they are finished, that they are broken, that they suffer, that they discover the disease in themselves, that they have been exposed to radiation for too long and that the disease spreads very quickly, the sometimes really good make-up of the figures requires and I noticed that in every single department. That really is a strong achievement.

Also the effects that are used relatively dosed, are suitable for themselves, especially when it goes into the area of reconstruction, i find it really well solved and so i have to say that there is nothing negative about the Chernobyl series for me to criticize.

I think this series is produced on all levels with damn high quality. For me this is a piece of history, which is told very brilliantly. The series doesn't just appeal to people who are simply interested in the incident, but is a series without a real target audience.

It's also very profound and very exciting in a way, even though we know what's happening. Strongly written dialogues, great pictures and for me it's one of the best series that honestly came out of nowhere.

HBO underlines once again that they are somehow one of the very first places to go when it comes to producing the best series in the world.

Chernobyl is one of the very few film and series productions that I have rated with 10 out of 10 possible stars on IMDb.


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