Why you should watch Hazbin Hotel

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

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Today, I would like to invite you all to watch one of the best adult cartoon with musical elements I've seen in a long time. It is called Hazbin Hotel, and it is a cartoon created by Vivienne Medrano (VivziePop). She created the pilot episode of the series in 2019 and uploaded it in her YouTube channel.

The reception from the audience has been very positive, with many praising the animation style, engaging plot, and unique characters. The online community, including animation enthusiasts and internet culture fans, quickly embraced the series.


The pilot episode's popularity led to increased interest from entertainment and distribution companies. In 2020, Amazon Prime Video acquired 'Hazbin Hotel' for development as a series, facilitating the expansion of episodes for a wider audience on their streaming platform. This partnership provided additional resources, empowering the creative team to enhance the narrative and animation quality.

So now finally about 4 years later since the pilot the season 1 is already complete and available for everyone to watch at the amazon prime video. And I assure you should give it a try!


If you are going to watch or have already watched, let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about it. I basically have only good things to talk about it, but I would love to hear your thoughts too!

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Thank you for reading my post!

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