Whats out there to watch in crypto?

Here is to a topic that I have been waiting to write for a while about. One about crypto-bloggers, crypto-chats and all the other shit you should (not) be spending your most valuable resource on - your time.

And I'm not planning to write a list of people you should follow; quite the opposite I guess.

I will touch on 2 or 3 topics that I believe are vital to this "hashing-deep" subject.

First comes first, of course, and that is Github.

Yooo, people, are you ok?

This is the first place you should be checking for any crypto news. Starting with the amazing projects that you are holding your sh… tokens of, and finishing up with private GitHubs of developers. Yes, just imagine, there are blogs on Github. More so, a lot of projects, (for example - Polka), have community-based repos for tasks: https://github.com/w3f/Web3-collaboration

The second topic is crypto Twitter.

I often see people writing about a large amount of amazing and super cool signals that they found on twitter.

Are you for real? Get rich or die trying as they say…

Question - can anyone provide me a history of an analysis of one of those profiles? Nope? That's because there aren't any.

Yes, Twitter has a lot of cool dudes writing cool shit (at least a few hundred), but those are definitely not those that publish signals. Those are “public” crypto-anarchists (ah.., the irony of that) and some project devs (for example - btc core / cosmos / Vitalik, etc) and everything else that can be “coin-joined” here.

And to the third part of this circus, my favorite: Telegram groups.

There are three things you can watch endlessly:

  • How bitcoin growths
  • How Tether keeps scamming on
  • And, how much shit some projects publish in their channels.

Let's do it on (almost) examples. I have a few channels \ groups from projects that just keep on collecting and collecting: ICOs, IEOs, IE… whatever you wish for.

But the gist is the same: the project injects "fivethousandsevenhundredfiftyseven" bots into the channel and it's all about - “Hi”, “We are the best”, etc. And if you really do spend your time on that, then think about the budget that the projects spend on that. Or, rather think about the people behind that, and think whether or not you want to give them anything? Although… there are some good examples. Those are usually community-run channels like bitshares, cosmos and so on.

And finally, about the “gold” out there, that isn't easy to find. It's the opposite of the above.

I have a few project channels that just keep on doing and doing. It gets so ridiculous, that I can't even keep up with the updates sometimes, or count the number of features they release. For example: https://t.me/fuckgoogle
I mean those guys, even do their dev calls in live mode. And you are telling me that there is nothing to read out there...



Thanks! :) Didn't knew it web3 foundation site

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