Utopia of the anarchy of freedom (long read)

The issue

The below outlines a view on the aspects of the modern human protocols; their inability to function properly, and a vision on what can be done to replace them. It is written in free-form flow, somewhat resembling the likes of an unveiling chain of events; hence, it is meant to be read from beginning to end, without skipping any “blocks”.

But first, a short introduction with the regards to why “the anarchy of freedom”. This article is meant to point out that we are, co-existing in a type of modern-day slavery with a forced on us, social engineering in the formalism of politics (governance), money (communication) and other important protocols.

I have not found a better way to describe the true aspects of freedom, without using the word “anarchy”; implying that it is the only way to abolish hierarchy in the chain of decision making, and the free choice of a governance model, money and other important virtues.

Bitcoin and others

Bitcoin is money; and money is a communications protocol, with the help of which (the protocol) all aspects of our lives revolve around.

We speak money. It is a measure of freedom, you cannot censor, or - enforce communication of. As opposed to that, this is exactly what fiat money does. It offers you to silently accept the fact that you cannot choose to speak your mother tongue. You are forced to communicate via the words and signals of others.

Bitcoin, though, should be viewed as a store of value first hand. As a store of global value, and as a storage of global agreements (for example) in its blocks. It will be expensive as the amount of space is scarce. But, as will be outlined below, one formalism cannot account for all needs. Bitcoin is a good example, with a great and proven use case, but not the only one.

Why communication?

But why a communication protocol? The only way for mammals to survive in the food chain was and remains, via communicating. Via exchanging signals that in turn make us who we are.

It is a type of an in-depth consensus on the sociological level, but one that can take many formalisms - free and unbiased. Humans heavily undervalue communication, leaving social engineering to drive us to vanity and selfishness; boxed up innovation within the space of only one required realm - and hence, sociology evolves unnaturally, driven by force and not by choice. This can be proven by the fact that sociology (including the likes of minorities, religious or non-religious views, etc) cuts almost all possible branching and versioning of itself at the very tip before they begin to take shapes.

We require our brains to think, but it has long been proven that we are social creatures. Therefore, we must use communication for survival. From hunting to online packet routing. We are still worthless without signals and information exchange, that has become the new type of signaling. We are in fact, capable to switch our brain off and survive. People in comas are an example, they are unable to communicate, which causes society to cross them out of its versioning.

So, yes - money is a protocol for exchanging signals of trade, of interest, of power, of fear, of anything really. From a very simple: "when you see it you know what to expect \ to do, etc". And up to, the more complicated "it's what makes the world spin 'round".

The scamming

Central banks are scams. Fiat money is a scam. Financial systems are a scam. A never-ending formula of debt, in which up to 95% of the money in circulation is fictional, i.e. non-existent. With the only real value in that loop are the assets the lender promises to repay. In fact, those assets are given as collateral to the system in exchange for fake "equity", that is... debt.

A scam of absolute totalitarian regimes in which people aren't able to choose who to trade with freely, how to live their lives, and as a result of that - where to live. People are forced to support the laws that support those who do speak out loud. Louder than they do. Forced to support those who are in control of the current financial regimes, in which you have absolutely no right to say anything. You also don't have a choice of which system to choose, regardless if you like it or not. Modern anthropology, also, turns out to be forced and not evolving naturally.

The only right that one is given, is to elect a someone who will eventually become a whole with the system, simply because that system is forced upon people, and on him too (regardless of his vision). In fact, “one” is forced to believe that he has the right for a free vote. The "one" is also made to think that he has the right(!) to pay a fee, on what he is led to believe as his own best cause, but in reality, he has no choice in those decisions.

Rulers and tongues

Those who do choose to speak a forced language are meant to find a way for all others to communicate the same tongue. But instead, they act as rulers. They are not rulers - they are chosen servants.

The chosen to serve must not be “solitary”, it doesn't work that way. A centralized, forced communication protocol does not (and physically cannot) include all the languages and does not respect all the possible rules, that can act and serve everyone on the same level. One person cannot, even if he wished to, understand everyone else.

Free choice and free markets

The only possible way to solve that is to allow free choice when it comes to deciding who we wish to speak to, and to whom - we do not. In turn, this will lead to the creation of private and competitive mediums of exchange and stores of value on local markets. A store of value that we can give to those who wish to accept it as the above.

Hence, we can create free markets and eliminate borders, as they will not make any sense in a place where markets range from 2 and up to infinity. Where inside of each possible market above 2, there can be more included markets, more branching, more versioning.

This allows for a collective and a willing creation of an inter-communication protocol between types of money. And if built on top of a decentralized system, the need for surveillance is also eliminated. No need for a range of ruling entities: banks and controlling monetary agents.

Go digital, go code

By using the above as a digital, rather than as "hard-physical" money, we eliminate the need for unneeded “structures and institutes”.

We, in fact, eliminate one of the things that spreads the most physical disease amongst humans and sponsors the biggest dark economic sector (both good and bad parts of it - but the good parts will always easily recreate themselves in a free market if there is a need for them).

We eliminate fiat-paper money, of course. By using a digital token, we achieve true portability qualities, true divisibility, true indestructibility, and a higher level of security.

Consensus and other types of agreement

By using a decentralized consensus, or by using a way of coming to an agreement which might not even require for the mass to choose a “correct” answer - we create new types of formalisms, better functioning formalisms.

Democracy is a scam. Like any formalism created in order to push a choice. One, for example, can simply make sure that the information, goods or money, which were written in any foreign language (unknown to him), is accepted only in a form and a way that is understandable to him (making sure that information isn't tampered with). Of course, which he chose freely and it is his understanding of the accepted information that is important - this makes a free choice.

This is easily achieved by using the money protocol as both - as a distributed ledger of any formalism, where projects (people, companies, robots, etc) are able to show all previous versions of data, in a safe and in a distributed manner; and, as a willingly accepted consensus mechanism.

Digital communication makes sure this is achieved. Making it decentralized makes sure it is not forced upon us. Even, as simply as an agreement of any consensus (they too can be forced). Both parts are vital for this vision.

Go git, go versioning

This allows for communicating "rules" that aren't fixed to the ground by nails. They can be viewed and reviewed, and agreed upon by the free markets that wish to communicate between one another. Those communications might not even include value in terms of goods or money as a means to buy something. They can include many other desirable or scarce value - reputation or collectibles (art included).

Hence, each market chooses its own laws, which are applicable to the situational values. Those that are accepted by all the involved sides. This is decentralized law.

Abolishing the chains

This eliminates the need for forced fees - taxing can be a free will, and any community and private funding, or equity as such, are spent as wished by the involved agents, as per agreed upon within that market.

They speak the same language as the others that are involved in the communication process, and they are now used for the use of what is willingly chosen.

Ruling as a term of totalitarian regimes, completely closed organizations and formalisms - ends. It loses the competitive value on a free market, where it no longer has forced customers, that do not wish to communicate with the product. It has no “hidden” help from scammy centralized law systems.

Competetive formalisms

Corporations that are forcing their goods; that are sold to us on terms that we cannot have a choice in; that are sold to us in a monopolized market; in an environment where they can be supported or worse - offer scammy support to centralised rulers, will not get any customers (and if they do - it will be their choice only). The customers will flee to open markets for all the above-mentioned reasons.

Local organizations emerge within the space of a free market, maybe not even having a physical location, because there are no borders. Fairer and clearer formalism will emerge as a result.

Privacy is a right

Privacy is a choice. It is a fundamental right in every aspect to communication protocols and hence to money, to law, and to identity.

If you do not wish to speak, but you wish to write - it is your right to do so. If you do not wish to vote or if you wish to pay for something and remain anonymous - it's your right.

If you follow the local protocols by free choice, you are as free as you ought to be, to do so anonymously. Of course, along with the proof that you aren't byzantine. Along with a proof that you are able to buy something, or to say something if you needed to, but couldn't do so right now. It is easily achieved by using privacy-inbuilt digitally distributed ledgers.

The matrix has you

The abolition of scams and centralized systems that force upon their language, their alphabet, their ways of communicating, and their fake data. The abolition of ruling systems as opposed to those that are created in order to serve and free the forced fee systems.

The abolition of systems that are forcing their law, money, rules, decision making and total surveillance mechanisms, education programming, taxes, welfare and voting models, and social behavior that arises from forced upon masks that you need in order to live with the above.

However, it is only you who wish to accept what the matrix feeds you. The abolition of the corrupted, rotten, controlling, bound to fail and already falling systems.

Their abolition will pave the way to a decentralized, a distributed, a freely chosen formalism for each individual, that chooses to accept the information he receives and provide the ability to communicate freely on his terms.

More than value

In turn, this takes shape into a free and a willingly created or accepted matrix around us. A much more accepted reality - free of physical, illogical, digital or any other boundaries. This will open the possibilities for us to evolve as beings, and for whatever other thinking organism or mechanical architectures we might create; or for those that will be created by the created.

A future that sees global, free and open innovation; competitiveness and shares visions and goals; a future in which people understand their reason better. Fulfill their needs. Give freely. Speak openly, and belong "to" - by a willingly made choice.

A world in which exploration for new, and for the beyond, has a purpose. A world in which there is a place for bigger things than simple value based upon greed. Seeking for inter-galactic and for the beyond communication protocols, with the wish to evolve and the right for a natural evolution; the right to be free and to be responsible for your freedom.

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