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What do you think about SEO Consulting

Now a day it is very challenging job to find a right SEO consultant. You can take many types of SEO consulting services, but the reality is SEO result zero or small improvement. You cannot create a big buzz with general SEO consulting. So Big and small company always looking for Best SEO consulting. Extor researched a lot about it. We tested more than a thousand SEO consultant and see nothing really working for us. The main reason is lack of knowledge. Only know basic what million SEO consultant is knowing. Nothing Special. So what ever you pay just a waste of money. That is the same reason small or big company always wants best SEO consulting. Creative SEO Consulting need high end research for your business. If you think your SEO strategy good enough, then why don't you have million traffic or big sales from new customers. You have some usual sales. But that's not growing up. 99% people never understand the real SEO consulting. Just by reading books, forum, social sites or group or find some online tutorial does not make them SEO consultant. Its need massive research about your competitor. What they are doing and how they are doing.


What special consulting Extor offer than another

Extor already know there are million articles you must find in online. Where each and every search result show you the word SEO consulting and show you many cheap services. We are not like them who generate some article with general concept or tips. Extor here to show something highly technical solution for your business. Extor can challenge to anyone in the world who believe our consulting is same as another company. We try to reveal something what are unknown for small companies. We understand you have a tight budget and most people never interested to help you. They just want your money and some basic tricks. And when you paid and apply that technique after a few years, your all budgets will end. And you stop the business. It's actually cheating because of wrong technique provide to you. SEO consulting is some kind of research . Extor see, no one ever pay for the research. That's why 99% SEO consulting people have never researched for you too. Who will do this for you. Even whatever you pay no one try to research that. An Example, if you hired an SEO consultant today they will offer you similar subject like keyword research, SEO analysis, Basic competitor research, General link building idea. Some Site design, some social media posting etc. So do you think it is real SEO consultancy? Well, in our SEO consulting subject are competing each detail tracking not just create reports, But also help you to understand the report. How competitor are growing we will provide you footprint with proof of the screenshot. You may have questions why Extor do not care site design? Because common reason everyone knows nothing special. Because if you ever visit see how simple site it is. How they make million traffic. And world number one classified website? So the reality is something else. You need quality link building. It's not just linking like you find some high quality site and make a link. How you know a website site is quality or not? The link you made really working or not? How analysis, it? We understand nowadays many people use semrush,majestic, link research tools, moz many other tools. But does not it mean they really grow up after a few months. Extor track those companies who did that type of work. Even not success! After few years their business completely down. Even their site down!. They may do not take our services as well! We don't ask you to take our services. But we want to help you what we are doing. Of course We will get some support from you which help us to analysis more for anyone's business. And want to help every business day by day.

Why and How Extor really ensure that?

Well Extor not just provide services. Extor do product research. Buy product from multiple sites. Extremely understanding product concept.Who work with Extor they are always up to date with any new technology. To update Extor always buy or ask questions to any product and services. Extor see a massive difference why a person cannot buy a product from your site. Or you do not get targeted traffic.

What happen after your hire Extor?

Before hiring Extor. You may be you hired someone. And work for a few months or years. And check your total ranking keyword. How many keyword are most value able keyword or not. Extor can ensure you 99% keyword are guess keyword no proof keyword with competitor. If you want to understand it. Extor advise you make your own Adwords campaign as well with small budgets. Then put the keyword, what you already ranked. See how many clicks or cost per day in the same keyword? In this case your idea will clear. You must see 99% keyword no clicks!. Now you understand its not most profitable keyword you try to rank!. So This is reality if you hired Extor Seo consultant. The exact keyword we will ranked day by day. Not only that. There are many relevant keyword will ranked which you also get the traffic from google Adwords too.

How Extor get the idea?

It is simple. We do 24 hours research like a NASA or Hollywood does the research for a project to make something real. Similar Extor people do not have weekend. Nor enjoy the holiday. Like We have an aim not just earn money. But also provide best solutions for you. Similar solution will cost you several thousand dollars each month, even do not get the right result! Extor spend massive time to understand any business Competitor in the world. You can ask the question is Extor have the ability to compete with big companies like ebay? Of course! Nothing is impossible. Just Big company has money and invest. If you have the support we can overcome your each and every competitor, including proof screenshot.but you must need to invest minimum what your competitor did. Extor team of people working around the world. We have physical and virtual employee. We do not hire just simple people. We do massive research to understand a person's ability. However, your all work will supervise by Extor CEO. Whatever project you have, no matter.

Final word Extor SEO consulting something creative than any other services in the World!. Creative and proof solution. 99% technique 100% work for anyone in the world. No matter what google latest update or algorithm.

We already know. Many small companies cannot afford quality SEO development. In this case we offer you some small package to test our services and get the right concept before start SEO. It cost you some money for fewer hours. But yes, it has helped you to save a wrong so done for several years and no result as well . After you take our services. You have very difficult to find a right knowledgeable SEO services for you! This is what we show our clients every day.

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