The Best SEO Hacks You Can Do Today

in seo •  2 years ago

SEO is very important for your website.  There are literally dozens of strategies that you can employ to boost  your SEO ranking. Some of them take time to implement and see results,  others are quick pivots that you can apply today. 

Low hanging fruit

If you’ve been dabbling in SEO for a while now, you will know that  highly competitive keywords are a double edged sword. Yes, they are the  phrases or keywords that people are currently searching for, however  your content can also get lost in the shuffle. With thousands of other  marketers using the same keywords your result may be difficult to find.  Think of less searched terms but are related to current events and  trends.

Piggyback on what’s trending

You should be combing through news aggregator sites such as BuzzFeed or  Digg to see what people are talking about on the internet. What is  captivating their attention? Then create or market content with this in  mind. The typical mindset is that you have to attract eyeballs to your  website, but what if you can position your website where the eyeballs  are already looking. It’s a simple pivot to tried and true method. Read  the comments in these news pieces they will give you a clue as to what  people actually think, and in a way give insight into forecasting where  this trend will go.  

SEO Tips

Optimize every piece of your content and promote with a keyword.

Every piece? Yes, every piece. Developing this discipline is critical to  staying on top of your SEO. This is not to say that you should carpet  bomb your content or website with a particular keyword. Instead, do your  keyword research ahead of time, choose one that ranks high and create  content around it. That way it has more of an organic feel rather than a  cheesy, spammy feel. This idea doesn’t when hit you hit the “Post”  button. You should also exercise this discipline when promoting your  content as well. Social media engagements are becoming more important in  determining rankings. Make sure to create a theme around a keyword or  phrase when creating your links on social media.

Ego bait

As the name suggests the goal with this hack is to boost the ego of a  site owner by talking about their company, website or brand in a  positive light. Easiest hacks, this can easily be accomplished with a  “Top 20…” or “Best of…” listicle. Write a favorable post, then contact  the site owners alerting them that their site is being highlighted. The  potential of gaining backlinks to some highly reputable and  authoritative sites is high when using this tactic. If the site owner  likes what they see they are more likely to share it with their  audience. On the SEO front, native backlinks from these sites greatly  improve organic traffic and your rankings just keep improving over time.  



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