5 Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google

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To be at the top in any ranking is not an easy task. After getting the number #1 position you have to maintain that position, and both require proper guidance and the best tools. So, to rank your website at the top in the ranking you have to work hard in SEO. In order to get proper guidance, you can take SEO online classes and can learn SEO course or get admission to an SEO training institute.

This covers our proper guidance part but after that also we require SEO tools. There are lots of tools on the internet but most of them are costly so what should you do. It is always best if you get some free stuff or in this case SEO tools.

So, here are some free tools which will definitely help you to rank your website in Google:


Quicksprout analyser is an amazing free tool for your website’s SEO. Just go to Quicksprout’s website and put your site’s URL and then the tool will tell you almost everything that is wrong on your site. After this, it will also tell how you can fix these problems step by step. For example, if you are not using right keywords in your title tag, in the description or in image alt tag then this tool will tell you which keywords to add and where it’s that simple. And the cool part about Quicksprout is that, if you don’t know the coding it help you and make changes with some clicks.

2. Google Trends

Google trend is one of the best tools for finding the popularity of keywords on the basis of almighty Google. This tool from Google is very much helpful in competitive analysis and help you to increase your site’s traffic. It tells you what is trending right now in the different countries and help you in getting different ideas for blogs and articles.
Google Trends

3. Small SEO Tools

This is an amazing site with 100+ tools. Yes, you read it right more than 100 free tools on a single site. It has different tool categories like Text Content Tools, Image Editing Tools, Keyword Tools, Backlink Tools, Website Management Tools, etc. You must check out this site and I assure you it will worth it.
Small SEO Tools

4. Majestic

The Majestic tool is a very useful tool and the reason is that it tells that how authoritative your website actually is. You just put your site's URL and it will tell you different flows and data about your site like trust flow, citation flow, backlinks, etc. Basically, this tool is very useful when it comes to competition analysis.
Majestic Tool

5. SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup is the first SEO tool that I used, and it is amazing. You just type the URL of your site and bam! It just gives you an SEO score of your website and along with this, it will show you every aspect of your site (like Title tag, meta description, backlinks, canonical tag, broken links, page speed, etc) which affect the SEO and whether they are present or not. If there is any errors or problems, then it will guide you how to fix that problem.
SEO SiteCheckup

Actually, it is not completely free, it gives 14-day trial pack but unlike other tools, it will provide every feature in that 14-day and with this awesome tool 14 day is enough to make your website error free

These are some free SEO tools and I hope this will be helpful.
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@harsh1996 Your post will surely help to grow a blogger. And best way to start blogging with these tools. And best part of it is all are free almost.

Thanks, and yes they are really helpful tools.

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Hey! nice article.

valueble article

Google Tool is always very usefull

Yes indeed.

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