Semux - RC 5 released and new Bounty Campaign

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The SEMUX Project developers just released RC5 of their preview wallet. Go and download it here!
RC5 brings some more stability features and enhanced user experience. The old blockchain is still compatible - but it is recommended to upgrade!

Still no SEM in your wallet?

We can change this!

official Airdrop

Join the signature campaign in the bitcointalk forum thread

new signature bounty

create a new signature for the bitcointalk forum - winner gets 1000 SEM! bitcointalk forum thread

Upvote this thread!

If you are upvoting this thread and post your SEM Wallet Address, I might reward you! under all upvoters I will pick 3 candidates to win 25 SEM each! - Upvote till Jan 2nd 2018!


my semux wallet 0xd76264eb62f366f86a30a686887d9336884c2963

I count you in :)

thank you very much for the 25 semux in my wallet 🤩

I am a Java developer. I love this project

I am too, but they are too fast on the Repository :D

Nice project


Good project! Im love It!

Good project,i am iOS developer


Java is fast! good idea!
my wallet 0xb58c92b728523e669e064c401dd55df3fc2a1532

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