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When you want to grow your funds, there are not many alternatives:

  • Proof of Work - buy expensive hardware, calculate your energy consumption and try to get your hands on the most lucrative short or long term coins to mine. This is a full time job, that requires lot's of technical and social knowledge. You have to be on the bleeding edge of new coins, to get into mining when they it is easy to achieve new coins. You can mine coins with ASICs like Bitcoin or your GPU - Monero to mention. You can also just use your CPU for Yenten
  • Proof of Stake - get a shitload of coins, stake them and keep your computer running - with your wallet prepared for staking. Staking is like lottery: every coin is a chance to mint the nex block. This needs normally a high invest and a good knowledge of coins to stake at a profitable level. You can stake coins like DASH or Stratis
  • distributed Proof of Stake - Waves and Ark give you the ability to vote for a Staker. You increase the chance of minting a block, but you decrease the reward.
  • Masternodes - ALQO, PIVX or Phore are just a small portion of the upcoming masternode coins: you prepare a Server with a defined amount of locked in coins. Like in staking. But only the fixed amount of coins take part in the process. The RoI is very good, but you need a high amount of coins to buy in, or trust to just buy a "seat" of a masternode... trust in cryptos... well... you know...

and then there is Semux

Semux presents the delegated Byzantine Failure Tolerance Consensus Algorithm - dBFT: You can vote a Delegate to become a validator. Some validators (pools) pay back to their voters. You can vote with any amount at any time and will be payed out constantly! No need to keep your wallet or PC up and running. No need to technically understand it. Just vote and earn!
Semux is not yet traded on exchanges - though you can buy it on the OTC Channel in the discord or on the bitcointalk forum. You can earn some Semux through BTC Airdrops, Bounties and the Signature Campaign!

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