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A lot of people are confused as to how to withdraw steem so let's make it easy. I suggest powering up though often as i have only figured out you must do this to edit mistakes and to post on steemit/dtube/dsound etc if it's not allowing you to this is due to a lack of steem power i asume.

For the purposes of this guide I will be using paxful as the wallet a simple to use fast working free wallet online, with no details necissary to signup for it.

  1. Go here and signup keep this window open throughout the rest of this guide logged in please.

  2. Now go here and sign up:

  3. Now go here: and signup via the email signup pane and definately keep the password
    for steemconnect it is different to the steemit account password from what I found you need this to activate account
    transfers in steemconnect.

  4. Next once signed up having followed the steemconnect instructions in step 3. go to your steemit account wallet next
    to the word steem is a drop down arrow button click it on the arrow choose sell by clicking on it.

  5. You will be taken to blocktrades again login if you haven't saved the password for this site.

  6. Now where it says send write an amount of steem you wish to convert from your steem balance in your wallet click
    the drop down arrow by the word Ether and select bitcoin by scrolling and clicking the word Bitcoin or if using some
    other wallet choose your conversion type you wish to convert to well sell as shall we say, for this guide we are
    converting steem to bitcoin so ignore any other options for selling.

  7. Now where it says your recieve address you need to paste your wallet address from paxful here that's the recieve
    address, so go to paxful and click send recieve or the word wallet in paxful and where it says your bitcoin address is
    below click copy address next to the address letters them selves i'ts on the right hand side of the address.

  8. Now go back to the blocktrades page that's open and where it says your bitcoin address under the words your recieve
    address paste your copied paxful bitcoin wallet address and click get deposit address.

  9. Next appears another lot of writing so where it asks for your steem username put your steem username in that
    window without the @ symbol before it and click transfer using steem connect click the accept or ok or done button
    once you'velogged into steemconnect to verify your transfer through blocktrades.

  10. Hold tight check in paxful on and off to await for the transfer to appear pending then to finalize and add to your
    account, log in and out if it's not refreshing and showing any transactions, patience is the key here it will work, I've
    done it my self today so it's fine.


Hope this sums it up for newbies I was struggling like mad until today i finally transferred so I hope people get the most out of this, I wasn't patient enough to take screenshots for it all so I wrote it sorry, the reason is it's a bootcamp dual boot macbook I'm using and didn't want to hold a dozen keys a time to take screenshots in windows 10.

Good luck happy trading guys.STEEM.jpg

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WoW !! - How do you expect this to be adopted widely (by non-geeky noobs for example), if a supposedly simple withdrawal task has such an involved (and opaque) process? This is NOT LUCID at all !! ...and this IS a barrier without a doubt.


I know but at least this is somewhat of a beginners answers guide.