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All Wild Flower 005 photos are captured by selimita. I just love photography, mobile photography actually. I have captured all Wild Flower 005 photos using my mobile phone. I took this photos because it’s make me happy. Today I am sharing Wild Flower 005 | selimita 00089 photos on steemit. Anyway, anybody can use all of my photos any purpose, it's totally free of cost. So let’s have a look.




All photos are captured and edited by selimita. I am a Freelance Photographer.

See more free photos of selimita. You can use all of my photos any purpose. It's totally free of cost !!

If you like it, please resteem my post with upvote & follow me. Thank you so much for seeing my Wild Flower 005 photos (Free photos of selimita).


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@selimita again you took some great photos. I like your Wild Flower 005 photos very much. Thanks for sharing this awesome photos.

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First image is awesome, do you know what type of flower that is? A weed perhaps?

Your second and third images are decent, however, I think you could drop the exposure on them a bit more to make the flower more visible. Do you edit your photographs? If you don't use Photoshop, I've found that Lightroom is a brilliant application for editing photos from your phone.

And it's very kind of you to share your photographs with people without expecting royalties or credit. Keep up the good work!

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