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If everybody is selfvoting there is no need for writing we just take what we get on steem.

The question is ,is it much better when the wales are voting for each other so it looks like they are not selfvoting

but it's the same because they are voting for stupid senseless articles just to collect big sums of money every day

And some of the wales even believe that they are good in writing and making videos

They don't realize that there is always somebody to to say something they want to here for a little steem

Take away the steem from the wales and you would see how quickly nobody would read the articles from the wales any more

Just kidding the wales are the best- writers -artists -photographers- cooks - travelexperts -philosophers you name it they are the best

Ps don't upvote save your pennies just resteem thx

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Puts a lot of things into perspective lol. By not upvoting, I don't save any pennies. They definitely don't go into my account. I would rather support this post, and possibly get some curation rewards.

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