Clearing The Clutter

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Do not confirm to what negative people expects of you, it stagnate your growth instead, let the story go.

Did you hear this saying:
"A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is unhappy mind"?

There beneath is the real you, so clear your consciousness and lay out the present.

Remember, there's a planet full of people out there. Spend the most time with the people that lift your spirit and bring you closer to your goals.

Xoxo, Gilaine

📸 : Nikon D3400

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There is wisdom in the words of this post.
The trick is to live that wisdom.
I wish you safe passage on your journey to success and the best version of yourself.
I travel a similar road.


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Words to live by 😎

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Excellent words. Sometimes you need to get rid of the negative human clutter as well as the accumulated material clutter. Its good for the soul and spirit.
Have a beautiful day PP :-)

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Thank you! 😊

You too 😉

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