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This room and I have gotten to know each other rather well over the last few days. Because being sick SUCKS! But it’s nothing I didn’t anticipate to happen at some point during my travels. I’m pretty sure I’m at the tail end of it and I couldn’t be more appreciative for my health. It also means tomorrow I will finally be leaving Lake Toba! I’ve had a great two weeks but two weeks is a long time to be in one spot when there is so much to see and do. I’m looking forward to the next adventure! 😁

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I don't like to hear this .. but this is the reality .. I hope one day we can meet .. hope you get well soon..

Thank you so much @uncleboy and I hope for this too. All the best!

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cek juga postingan saya, follow, upvote atau resteem !
Saling membantu dan berbagi informasi !

Get well soon and get ready for your next adventure. 😉

Thanks @putu300! I got sick again but soon enough I will have new adventures to share. 💗

Hi, hope You're well!!

Hey! I am on the way to recovery. Thank you!

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I wish you a quick recovery amd fun during the rest of your travels @neeqi :) Also I see you gettin better at self portraiture 😎

Thanks Ange! I’ve had a rough few days of sickness but I hope now that I am finally getting on top of it all.

:( Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep up the great work.

I had a rough few days but finally feeling better. Fingers crossed it last! 🧡

Hi there. I always wonder about you and wait to see your videos. Now I understand. You are better now right? Take care. xoxo 😘😘😘

I got a bit sick again but finally feeling better. I hope to have some new videos up soon. I hope you’ve been doing well Anne! Big love to you. ❤️

I'm looking forward to see you back online again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Damn! I hate being sick, to be fair, its almost always my fault, over-eating did me in last November.

Any idea what happened?

I have no idea to be honest. It could’ve been food or water. It’s always hard to tell especially in places like Asia but I’m finally feeling better although I had a bit of a rough night last night. I just hope I’ve seen the last of it!

Dear, sending heaps of love and healing to you! 😊
Take care, and may your further adventures be kind on you!

Thanks so much lovely. Finally feeling better. I hope to have more adventures to share soon. I hope you’ve been doing well! I’ve been so disconnected lately. 💗

You definitely will :)
I'm feeling so fine, handed in my thesis, now getting ready for the defense. ✌🏻

Yay! Congrats, I'm so happy to hear this. You must be feeling pretty damn nice after all that work. 😁

Girl, this picture is goooregous!! I love everything, the pose, the colours and most of all that beautiful feminine hand of yours positioned sooo perfectly! Great shot! :)

P.s. Sorry to hear that you haven't been in best health. Lots of ginger and lemon helps always! :) Safe travels! :)

Thank you! I was really happy with this shot especially with the colour contrast. I’m still figuring out the modeling side haha but it’s so fun to play with. Thanks for the love. 💗💗

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