Lost | Self Portrait

in #selfportrait2 years ago


Self Portrait

Was traveling under the luminous clouds
Trumpets can be heard from the heavens above
Watched the sea smiling back at me
Oh, what a beautiful place to be!

But the sunset turned to storm
Big waters crushed my soul
Wrecked every piece inside of me
Abandon ship, abandon ship!

As the waves engulfed me
As the dark waters invaded my lungs
I pushed myself above the water
And learned to dance with the tide

I'm lost


....I'm going to find my way home


How I feel every time I need to do my own laundry

I thought only socks and underwear get lost...

Lol along with my soul and motivation yes

Can I add concentration to that as well? Beautiful photograph!

Lol glad I'm not the only one suffering having to scrub my undies

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