2018 Is A Game Changer!! GIVEAWAY!

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So as we start 2018, I have a sense of change - change for the better!

I feel as though this year is going to be happier, healthier, fitter, wealthier, just huge changes coming!

I feel for my family and I massive things are going to change, but maybe it's my drive to want this year to be different!

Although this year has started with a lot of debt, and normally I'd be down and stressed - but I don't really care.

There is so much more to life than worrying and stressing about stuff that has always been, my outlook for not just me - but for my children is way more positive than ever before.

I honestly believe that in previous years, I felt trapped under water not being able to breathe and this year I feel like I am pushing myself harder and being more positive.

I can almost feel myself metaphorically coming out of the water, to take a massive breath of desperately needed fresh air!

So can i ask you all a general question?

Whats your favourite affirmation or quote?

I love paying it forward! I love helping people and I want to start to do this a lot more in 2018, I'd love to start by giving away A FREE T SHIRT

I own my own t-shirt printing business and would love to give away a free shirt, best of all the lucky person who receives this t-shirt will have the ability to pick their favorite self love quote/design - because we all need a beautiful reminder, about how amazing we all are!


Just an example of what you could win!

So how do you go in the running to win this personalised T shirt?

To be in the running you have to tell me :

What's the nicest thing you've ever done for another person?

I will choose the winner in a week when my post pays out, I will be looking for the most inspirational and encouraging story - but feel free to get creative and funny if you like, as this is all just for fun!

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Sometime ago, I met a beautiful woman who I fell in love with. She won my heart because of the type of person that she is and her selfless nature. She's a playful loving soul who's incredibly nurturing.

At the time when we met, I was a full-time student and I worked part-time. She at the time worked in a women's shelter in the nonprofit space.

Her organization downsized and ended up letting her go right after when she found out that she had cancer. She had no family to turn to for support.

Initially after hearing the news, I was grief stricken. I wanted to help her but I felt so helpless. Instinctively my mind starting racing thinking of ways to help her. The monies that I earned from my part-time job and the grant that I received from school allowed me to help her pay for her monthly medical coverage plan that was crazily expensive. I could not think about myself at the time because she was in a very desperate situation. I put my needs second.

I ended up leaving school and took up a full-time position to help her. This lasted for about several months. The last thing that I wanted was for her to succumb to cancer. I wanted to help her with her fight and I did.

Do you want to know why I believe in miracles? It's because the cancer ended up in remission, and she is now a survivor. Her faith to overcome that monster of an obstacle helped her to pull through. That experience changed me forever and taught me what humility is all about.


What a truly amazing women she is and what a truly amazing man you are for your selfless act! brings me joy hearing the world is still full of beautiful people! thank you for sharing and good luck! :)

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