3 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself, Contributed by Anonymous

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Selfishness is not always bad. Sometimes, you have to be selfish to become successful but the question is, to what extent? Well, it's a little bit difficult to answer. I'd say, as long you don't make a habit out of it, and you're not harming others with your selfishness, it 's okay.

It's good to have a lovely friend and date him/her, but sometimes, you need to be selfish and date yourself. How could someone date themselves? A lonely date. Is it worth trying?

Wouldn't your friends laugh at you? Well, let them do whatever they want, as long as you understand what are you doing and you have reasons to do so, then there is nothing to worry about. After all, you're not doing a candlelit dinner alone at the restaurant. In this article, we'll discuss the reasons why you should sometimes date yourself too.

1 - You're more valuable than you think

No matter what people say about you, you are valuable. You need time to recognize yourself, to understand your skills, and to explore the ideas. Yes, it is important to have good friends and spend time with them too, but it is equally important to look yourself in the mirror because it doesn't lie. And guess what? Your shadow is your best friend.

It doesn't sound normal to go on a date with yourself in a restaurant, but when you date yourself, you get time to think. To think about your personality, your goals, and your future plans. Every human has a unique set of skills. Dating yourself can help you see what skills you possess​.


2 - You can order whatever you want

When you're alone at the restaurant and you want to eat some spaghetti, then you can order it without worrying anything about anyone. You don't need someone's approval to do so. Nor do you have to impress your girlfriend by eating salad just to show her you're taking care of your health.

When you're alone, every bite will be delicious because you're completely focused, and you don't even need to worry about dropping your girlfriend at her home on time. You eat comfortably, pay the bill, and return to home or work.

3 - Who knows the future? Learn to spend time with yourself

That's the most important reason for dating yourself. We never know what's next for us. You need to know how to spend time alone, and you must feel comfortable with it. Loving someone is great, but destroying yourself and thinking that you would die without someone is another thing.


If you never practice spending time alone, and you're unable to be comfortable and happy with yourself, how are you supposed to get through a breakup? Some people get affected so badly by their breakup because they feel like their life is stopped dead in their track. Become happy with dating yourself, and breakups should be handled much more easily.

It is important to love others and share happiness with everyone, but a little bit of selfishness can be good for you. Like I said in the beginning, as long as it's not a habit, and it doesn't harm anyone, all is good.


Thats right... I make sure i do that mostly on pay day

You just spelt out the truth with your writings from the pen

Do I think I'm a decent enough person, and do I have the confidence to say I'm datable? Yes. Would I date an exact replica of me? No.
In the literal sense, I ain't gay bruh, all respect to my homo/bisexual bros out there but I don't bat for that team.
In a more serious sense, I wouldn't want someone with the exact same weaknesses, strengths, and goals as I do. I want someone else to share a life and experiences with, who is interesting because they're not the same - with their own interests and aspirations - who can contribute what I lack and to whom I can contribute what they lack. @communitycoin

(Please do not misunderstand the use of "you" in the reasoning below, it is used as a general "you" and not specifically directed at you, the author, or anybody, thanks.)

Here are some reasons I find self-dating is an attractive option, LoL:

  1. you are a narcissist and nobody is better than you nor worth your time. You consider yourself to be the best in everything, such as the most beautiful, the smartest, the richest and more, even though in reality that might not be the case. Yet, a narcissist does not view it that way. Why not date his or her narcissistic self by looking into the mirror every day to admire that one person, who is you.

  2. you can't find someone who is on the same intellect level as you, so either their conversations bored you or they don't understand what you're saying to them. There is a disparity in intellect. You might as well talk to yourself in front of a mirror.

  3. there is no common interest and therefore, you cannot find any interesting topic to discuss. So you might as well date yourself.

  4. you find the other person's fashion style is not to your taste and you'd be embarrassed to be seen with him or her in public or show him or her to your friends. The best thing to say is that you're available and still looking. You'll be forever available and forever looking.

Sweet post...

Great write up, we sometimes tend to seek other people's attention that we neglect ourselves. Its good we date ourselves sometimes it would give you the opportunity to appreciate the person you've become and that can be a great boost to your self esteem.

I love these @communitycoin posts, wish I could also become a contributor.

you always write well @communitycoin
your last picture is very beautiful....
i always upvote your post .....
this time sorry for having a little upvoting power

Exactly 😌We should learn to love ourself , and try to enjoy our own company 😬To feel oneness, it gives eternal joy

Beautiful piece @communitycoin... Carry other's weight upon yourself slows the whole journey. But when you lighten up, and reach your goals, One can always send a truck to pick it up

It's a great story.
Have a happy day.

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Selfishness, good for mental health but bad for the environment. I choose 50:50. Nice self motivation :D

I don't think it's being selfish. It's more of like giving yourself some time.
I dated myself last year.

Here's how I Dated Myself Last Year