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Sharan strikes again with a new way of improving himself.

Presenting, a...

Self Improvement Technique

And this time it's called...

It's Gonna Fail Again

Crap, sorry. My thought train derailed into another track.

Let's do it properly this time.

It's called...

But Seriously Will It Work Thoug-

Argh screw it!
You already saw the name in the title.
Moving on...


Comparing Yourself

Instead of comparing yourself with others, this time, you're comparing yourself with...yourself.


I know right.

I'm pretty sure you've come across this kinda concept somewhere before at least once.

Yet have you ever implemented it?
Then this is your chance.


I'll be writing in a journal app about my stats of today at the end of, well, today.

It can be things which you're working on increasing/decreasing/implementing, like:

  • Time you get up
  • Number of minutes you read
  • A new habit you've been missing on starting (guilty; guitar has been on and off lately)
  • A bad habit you wanna decrease and then ultimately get rid of

And stuff like that.

The secret is in doing this slowly.

Small incremental steps which won't make you feel like giving up on your pushup routine just because you couldn't match that of Saitama's number on your 2nd day itself.

Journaling this whole thing would be a good idea because of, you know, the typical stuff:

"lets you see your progress"
"reminds you to not forget about this on the 1st day itself"
"cures cancer"

We all know.

The Benefits

Do I really need to state these?
This is sounding like a theory paper.

  1. 'Cuz it'z gud.
  2. You won't compare yourself with that certain someone who seems to have and do all the things which you don't, but which you oddly want. (Despite the fact that you may not be realizing that you're probably in a much better place than them)
  3. Gives you a life goal and something to work towards. (Encourages you not to waste your life away leveling up your FIFA account on your phone) (Guilty)
  4. At the end of the day, you have solid proof that you are actually improving your life. (Makes one happy realizing that before hitting the bed doesn't it.)
  5. Uhhhhh.

So that's the whole process.

I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey (if you've got nothing else to do) (you don't, because you're reading blog posts on Steemit) and see where we can head to by doing this simple process, together.

a happiness teardrop falls

wipes it

pokes eye instead


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