Selfie inside the old mill "Bockwindmühle" on the island Werder (Havel) in Brandenburg.

in selfie •  5 months ago

Hey Steemians, last Sunday I also visited the old Mill with the name "Bockwindmühle", built in 1947 and rebuilt after a fire in 1987 on the island Werder (Havel) in Berlin Brandenburg.

I will provide you more detailed information about this historic mill in another article in German & English later and this here is a little preview with a Selfie inside this historic mill:

Hear you everyone and have a nice weekend!

Jonas - @future24

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Looks amazing!

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Dear @future24 sir!
I am waiting for your next article in which you have promised to describe about"Bockwindmühle",mill'history.
No need to say you are having attractive personality in real then how could be your selfie wrost..
It's really nice.

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