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Selfie is a great way to express ourselves what we are doing, where we are and how we look. Sometimes people try to take selfie as the adventure and take themselves at such place that is dangerous. People share selfies from the top of the hill close to a bay it is too dangerous if the wind blow at pace suddenly you can fall directly in the bay. In last 12 months death related to the selfies are on the rise. People specially the youth of India, have risked their lives for adventurous selfies. In front of trains, on the railway tracks, on the bridge and with weapons have claimed many lives in India in the last two years. I would like to share some incidents where people lost their lives or risked their lives.


In May this year, a man in Odisha wanted to take a selfie with a wounded bear and paid price for the risky move as the animal mauled him to death. The man was returning from a wedding and stopped to attend a nature's call when he saw an injured bear and decided to click a selfie and this tragic accident happened.

One of the most talked about the incident happened in early 2018 when a man suffered a lot of injuries for the dangerous selfie video. He ignored various warnings and stood dangerously close to railway track while filming train. This video, right before the train hit the man was gone viral on the social media and thousands of people have watched it.

Three college students in Karnataka were killed when an express train hit them in October last year. They were on the bridge when the train hit them in a town called Bidadi in southern Karnataka.

A 17 year old girl, Priti Pise drowned when a wave crashed on to parapet and dragged her out to sea on Marine Drive in Mumbai last June. She was trying to take a selfie with her friends there. Other selfie related deaths in recent year including Minaxi Rajesh, a 21 year old engineering srtudent who slipped and drowned in the Bandra Bandstand in May 2017 when she was clicking photo with her sister and mother. Other incident is of Taranuum Ansari, an 18 year old student was swept away by a wave into the Bandra sea while taking selfie with her friends.

A chilling footage of a 24 year old man emerged this month where he tried to take a selfie in Odisha slipped to death from the edge of a waterfall. A 27 year old man went very close to an aggressive elephant in Bengaluru. Abhilash, to take a selfie he entered the area where elephants trains and was caught by animal when he went close to take a snap. The elephant crushed Abhilash and his friends fled from the place on their bikes after this incident.

Posing with guns is the new trend among youths, in March this year two incidents in a week reported where a man was posing with a gun and it went off.

Of 127 global selfie related deaths researchers identified between March 2017 to September 2016, 76 occurred in India and most of the victims were young people, according to US Phd student Hamank Lamba and his team at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

So, the technology has two face good and ugly, with cautious use of the technology results into boon and careless use of it becomes a curse. I would like to urge young people not to take selfie at the dangerous places for the sake of adventure. It can be turned a fatal and unwanted incident.

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Yes this selfie craze has gone to another level which is dangerous .