Garg kicks over Richard Poplak's Pondok

in selfhelp •  7 months ago

I review Richard Poplak's 'scorching' review of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. Just like Richard Poplak, I haven't read Jordan Peterson's book either.

Haven't you heard? Not having the good grace to be less than a product or anything but a victim of your environment is alt-right glorification of meritocracy.

That's right - it's ableist. We should not dare to run or even crawl where others can fly. We should spend our waking hours to clip their wings instead.

Jordan Peterson riding a lobster. Where is your god now?

Trust me, I spent years at university de-educating myself from common sense in order to be smart enough to not only act against my own self-interest, but to sabotage others who do dare to act in their own best interests. But my favourite target is those who advise others to act in their own self-interest instead of wallowing here in the mud with me.

That's because I'm woke AF, unlike those people who studied psychology in order to 'fix' other people for a living. I studied journalism and I make films, so who are you going to trust? Well, who?! Thought so..

I was going to insert a sarcastic emoticon here, but I am not a teenage girl using a Blackberry (which is what journalists of my calibre can afford now that ANN7 is going tits up and certain inadvertent journalists have tarnished the name of other definitely not fake news services), so I am not sure how to make them on a grown-up keyboard.

You can tell because I use the term Hobbesian. You probably never heard of him. You're probably too busy not being a useless victim and/or product of your environment, taking care of yourself, and improving yourself to the point where you can respect yourself and others and take care of them to notice.

You shouldn't be 'fixed', you should glorify ineptitude so that everyone will give up on improving themselves, blame others for their lot, and accept that by being failures, they make me look good despite the fact that I'm a smug, ignorant asshole who confuses names-dropping for understanding. If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for anything, but if you trip over those who stand, you don't even need to get up to trample them.

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