Tips For Taking Time Out For Yourself

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Do you ever feel tired and irritable despite eating a varied and healthy diet? If you do, try the following two tips to get rid of your stress and help you feel energised and on your best behaviour.

  1. Breathe

When someone is stressed out, its normal to feel tired and lethargic. When you are stressed it's common to feel unable to concentrate on tasks at hand; when you are tired you may find it difficult to keep your eyes open. To help relieve your stress and help get you focused, make it a habit to take regular long deep breathes. Your breathing is important in helping you relax and calm your mind. The more you take deep breaths, the more relaxed you'll feel and the easier it will be to concentrate on what you are doing. A few minutes of deep breathing every day can really help you keep your nerves under control.

  1. Make your own space

It's common for people to be busy and stressed out, making everything in their lives work around them. Making space for yourself in your life is important to help you feel calm and able to deal with stress. To help in this, make a list of things that you can give yourself to help you release tension.
There is nothing like creating your own space for healing and healing others as well. You are in charge of your space, and should keep it clean, tidy and calm.

It's important to be aware that you have space for yourself as well, and allow for others to pass through it. If someone comes and talks to you make sure its not too loud, and not at the right time. You need to be able to quieten the world and deal with the matter without interruption.

  • Give yourself space to move

Its common for people to move around all the time, rushing from one task to the next without time to be still. Giving yourself space to move about without interruptions will help you to calm down, reduce your level of stress, and help you stay focused on your work.
You can give yourself space on the floor, or on your bed, or by kneeling down. Just be sure to keep the floor or surface clean, clean and tidy so your blood won't be rushed through your body.

  • Breathe deeply

This is the most important tip. Make sure you breathe really deeply and slowly. This helps to give you a calm and settled mind, and helps you to feel calm and settled when you are working.
The way to know you're breathing deep is that your belly and chest will rise and fall. A simple way to test this is to sit down, put your hands on your knees or back, and take a deep breath. As you breathe, the area behind you spine will rise, and the area in front of your heart will sink. It's as if your ribbed muscles are gently and slowly moving upwards and downwards.

This simple test can be used as your basis for determining how much space you need for breathing and work, and as a way of checking if your posture's good. You could also use this to determine when it's time to speak or when to stop.

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