Why another self improvement blog?

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Back then >> 2015 (Sick and no confidence :( )

Now >> 2017 (On to amazing things )

WHY?? Why this? Why post yet another self improvement blog? Why delve into the tumblr world with risk of reaching few or hope of reaching many? Well, you aren’t the first asking that question. Please also ask yourself, have you ever sought help or insight from someone, maybe a public speaker or influencer only to discover that they really do have it all together. Maybe some of you are like me and just a little overwhelmed by taking advice from a leader that appears to not have a single flaw. I am here to admit that I do. Many in fact. I wanted to offer a bridge between defeat and success whichever definition of success may be for you. This is a checkpoint, a cheer and handshake along the way. However you want to see it, I intend to post positive insight but will not hide the slips and falls along the way.

Success, like time is relative.

Relative, a term much used in favoured sci-fi flicks stands out to me because when applied to goals and success can dramatically vary. I want to validate your success today! To some it could have been living another day with a critical illness, it could be standing up to a high up executive at work, it could even be for the goal of getting out of bed this morning. I would love to hear a goal you achieved today even in the most subtle bit. This is the start. Before a new day starts, try to have a goal in mind for tomorrow. What matters is having it set in place and aiming for it. I saw a calender up online for a gentleman who put up a goal for every day of his life. Some small and some big but gradually his life started to turn around. Goals can be fun. If they aren’t achieved right away, they aren’t going anywhere unless they are time sensitive. Start small. For me, at one point in my life, getting out of bed to face the day was the day starter and it was difficult. My mind would race around and around upon waking first thing in the morning. Sometimes too much thought is bad. In Chinese medicine,
“movement is life” is a concept radiating through all teachings. Let your start be now!!

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I am happy to see you on Steemit now! I know you'll do great here!

It will be a fun project to work on this platform together. Thanks for posting such an authentic piece. :)