Life is Too Short (Got One Shot)

in self •  19 days ago  (edited)


Hi Guys,

Making A post after very long time,

For past few Days I got some thoughts running through my mind and I just didn't want to tell anyone about those because I just sensed that whenever I share something with Others I got immune to it.
so Friends whenever you get a thought try to get past it by yourself because I think it is a type of opportunity which You get To get better mentally and some sort of inner power gets Enhanced.

So lets get according to my title, i am going to tell you that see when we know that one day we will die and will get out of this world So why do we think that what other people will think about ourselves?

I was also but now while writing this now I know that I am who I am and I will be like this forever so what I have to do And also you have to do that you have to get alone and give yourself time to know what you want in this life so that you will have something better to trust and pursue!

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