The fight begins, The First Four Wolves.

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Every day is cold and uncomfortable, I make sure of it because being in comfort brought me here. All my life I took the easy route, It was easy running away from the fears and insecurities that would plague me... I ran. now that I voluntary threw myself to the wolves, I see more than a couple in the distance closing in. since I have been running from them I know their names by heart now. Anger, Regret, depression, and Fear are rearing their heads and showing their teeth.

THIS! is what is what you have been running from for years. That wall of comfort is gone, the words "what will you do!" reverberate in my head every morning "what will you do when you lost it all and you have nothing to hold for support? "
Of course, I'm going to have to face them, the real war is in your head you need to defeat them to become a better man.

Anger, speaks about lies that were told to me and how I was betrayed and how I was foolish for trusting another.

Regret howls on about the past and how my decisions could have changed everything if I just did it back then.

Depression yelping on how it is not going to get better, you failed as a man, husband, and a father.

and Fear ... looking into my eyes not making a sound.

didn't know when I said ''throw me to the wolves" that I would see any this soon, nonetheless, they are here and here and there hungry. Guess you could say I raised them from when they were pups and as time went on they grew into what I see now, reflections of parts of myself..... its a shame that I have to put them down because I really like wolves.

This fight is just the beginning .....

Thank you for reading ill make a life update soon.




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