Being Self Sourced

Being self sourced has always been my goal as long as I can remember. It is different to being self sufficient - we are interdependent creatures :)

The idea that we are self sufficient is a difficult one to acknowledge when our physical bodies are dependent on food water and shelter. To be clear this not the self sufficiency I am referring to. Perhaps one day we will evolve to the point of not requiring such physical support from outside. Indeed there are some people already who exist by breathing and Sun gazing alone. They call themselves breatharians but is not a mainstream phenomena yet. Indeed the pleasures of tasting food is part of the Earth experience and may stay with us for a few years to come.

For me being self sourced has shown itself in my propensity to be independent and challenging societal norms at an early age. It is not that I wanted to be alone as being part of the community is and was important to me but somehow I never really fitted in too well. Although this used to bother me at first I now know this was my training to be fully self sourced and not dependant on feedback.

Being self sourced means self validation of your own self worth. It allows access to your own divinity and not seeking God outside of self.

It is dropping the need to keep asking others what they think of you and constantly needing feedback to validate your own impression of self. When this state is achieved there is very little that can touch you from the outside. You can maintain your center and act from inner peace in all situations regardless of what they are. That is the goal - mastery of self is a process ;)

It has many unsuspected benefits for your body. The cells only respond to the directions given to them by their human host. They do not respond to the opinions and emotions of others except when the human is unconscious of their influence and inwardly agrees. The human host has free will to react or respond to outside stimuli in a way that maintains his or her equilibrium at all times. Cells benefit from the balanced energetic stance by working at optimum capacity. Better health is achieved. This is how acting from the point of connection to own higher self or divine spark nourishes the body.

Lets all become self-balancing independent units of love incarnate :)


I am totally with you! I never heard of the phrase self-sourced, I'll keep that in mind, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarity and powerful message. I'm happy we met!

I made up the concept of being self sourced-- can you see the pun?;)...I am delighted we ve met too x

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