How Watching TV can Ruin your Chances of Success

Lately, I have been reading and watching a lot of motivational speakers to transform myself to have a growth mindset. I have noticed a common thing while listening to dozens of successful people and their success stories. Successful people don’t waste time on doing such activities that do not provide any value towards achieving their goals. And when I comparison myself to these influencers in every industry, I have come to realize that how much I waste my time on doing a secondary activity such as watching TV that is on top of the list.

Well, I had that mindset before that staying aware of the environment we live in is an essential part of the job. But, what change I brought to myself after listening to these successful people is to avoid the secondary activity and only do what fulfill my goals to become financially free.

The medium I chose to become financially free is Steemit. Why not it’s the best platform out there with just doing stuff you like and earn from it. So, I made myself a promise to never watch TV again as it is pretty much waste of my time and I encourage my fellow Steemians to do so as well if they ever want to be successful. Why?

How Watching TV can ruin your Chances of Success

Let me tell you why? When you choose to be financially free, then you are making yourself compete against everyone that is in the same industry as yours.

Imagine there is only 1 million dollar to be earned in your industry and the businesses who offer the most value to their customers will have the biggest shares in the market. Now, everybody is trying to improve their business by adding more value to their customers by working day and night to find solution to the problems their potential customers have.

On the other hand, you are watching TV to get yourself some value in form of entertainment. So, who do you think is more likely to get rich? You? or The other guy who is working his ass off? Damn right, it’s going to be the other person 99% of the times. Then why you are self sabotaging your dreams by watching TV and ruining your chances of success.

Give this some deep thought and if you agree then stop wasting your valuable time and do what you should be doing to become financially free.

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I agree with this which is why I have limited my TV time to barely 5 to 10 minutes daily and sometimes not even that.

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