Upmewhale writing contest! Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom World

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Hello everyone, we welcome you to the first ever contest hosted by @upmewhale to enhance the #NewSteem advent!

This is simply a writing contest about internet restrictions in your country.

TOPIC: Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom World

The point of this contest is for you to write a high-quality post about internet restrictions in your country. There are no limitations as to whether your entry is cryptocurrency/blockchain-related or not. Lately, internet restrictions and/or banning has taken place in several countries like China, Russia, India, Pakistan and many more. One example is China banning Steemit.com. While some users know how to bypass IP restrictions, at the same time there are many who don't.

You can participate in the contest even if you are fully satisfied with the Internet restrictions (or lack thereof) in your country.

We are organising this contest to enable users to share their point of view on internet restrictions. We are now living in the 21st century, and believe that there should be total freedom in the world (freedom of speech, assets control…) and we believe this is why blockchain projects are taking the lead in technology innovations, because many people don't want to be a smart slave anymore.

For your entry to be considered, please write at least 500 words accompanied by at least one image. We want users to author a meaningful post while also engaging with other users through comments. The best comments will receive some tips from us.


  • Your entry has to be written in English, with a minimum of 500 words.
  • Only one (1) entry per user is allowed.
  • The post must be of the highest quality and free from plagiarism.
  • You can use text and/or images that are not your own, but you have to put the source(s) right next to it/them.
  • You must use the tag #self-power as the FIRST tag (mandatory). Also, try to use other tags related to this contest, such as #freedom-word, #unrestricted-internet, etc. (optional).
  • This contest will be active for ten (10) days starting today, closing on the 21st of November 2019 at 23:59 UTC.


🥇 Good posts will be rewarded with high upvotes according to their effort and originality of the content they have created.


The contest judges will be @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt and @pennsif. We want to thank them for helping us with this.

Good luck!



Great idea I want to share this in the Discord steemterminal for all our new members

Very interesting contest you hosted @upmewhale team. I'll collect some details for participate contest. This would be great moment for improve writing skills. Resteem for see more audience.

this would be great if you do your best and try to Highlight some great points thanks

Thanks for taking a wonderful initiative and choosing the right thing to do. Because, in fact, in many countries, Internet service is currently under control, even though it is destroying independence. Which is very sad for us. I hope everyone will participate in the event with interest.

I know many countries have problem with the internet in this Era but you can highlight all what you have in your mind . Do your best, All we need to see the steemian hard work.

Have a great day @upmewhale ! This topic of the contest is very interesting, but it’s hard for me to decide on this matter. Some restrictions have a political context, I'm afraid that I will have to write a lot of unflattering words to the neighboring country))) It will be difficult for me to restrain my emotions. This will be a violation and fraught with the anger of the citizens of that country))) The choice is difficult.

just share your idea and what you think about it we just need to hear about your thoughts. take your time and show your skills

I’ll think about how to do it as tolerantly as possible))) I’m already thinking.

It is really exciting to see what #Newsteem is doing. [email protected] for this exciting contest to encourage good content creation. For countries without this banner, what do you expect?

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Amazing it's been a long time I've been wanting to talk about internet in my country really and this is quite the right contest, thanks a whole lot I'm going to be getting my entry in soon

well take your time to make a great one do not be in hurry you have 10 days hahahha so try to make a great post thanks for the interest , best of luck

Excellent initiative, I will explain in detail the strong censorship that exists in my country (Venezuela) and the arbitrary way with which they administer the internet.

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yeah we see many people are facing lots of problem just do your best to collect some attractive points which you think that will make your post attractive focus on quality thanks

Wow @upmewhale is run this contest. I am so excited to join this contest.
And also i salute upmewhale community for your great contribution in steemit platform.

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thanks for the kind words we appreciate! Lets bring some change to the steemit with some quality contents do your best from now!

Ok and thanks for advice .

yes,your support always appreciate me, i hope you continue this support for me always.
Thanks sir

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Interesting idea for a contest, and the topic is well needed one as well.

I just love this initiative and now a days internet and cryptocurrencies have some restrictions on various countries. Will share my publication soon. Thanks @upmewhale

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Really good initiative to find out the people's opinion about internet restrictions. in this blockchain lots of people engaging from different countries so it would be really interesting to find out their opinion/ views related internet and crypto restrictions.
Thank you dear @upmewhale for your first contest hosting post.. I will write my own opinion about this topic and really this is great innovation to improve writing skill.

This will be a really interesting contest and I will be looking forward to reading the entries. Great choice of judges! I resteemed this.


@melinda010100, I just rolled out my entry... check, if you are intrested... but it would be a LONG READ, beware :)

I skimmed through bits of it because my day has been really busy, but even though it shouldn't be surprising, it still is!

thanks for your contest . this contest help people to know internet and freedom of internet much. i must attan this contest.

That's an interesting topic. And I think people will come up with a lot more things we didn't know before. I will eagerly wait to see all the entries. :)

Great to see you @sarez being part of this contest :)
Gonna check out your post right away.

Yours, Piotr

Thank You! #self-power is going to get many good posts.

please can you educate me a little bit on this specific tag, #self-power? never seen it before, just a little basic guidance would be appreciated. @sarez

Just join @upmewhale on discord and go to self-power.com Both these links are there in the above post. #self-power is his tag. A damn good job this is- go thru the entries from all over the world this post has received in response.


hi there, @crypto.piotr -- let me invite you to my longread entry, hope you find it useful... definitely you will educate yourself about the Russian case.

I love the work you do, excellent, congratulations @upmewhale!

Agree. Indeed it is a great idea @xpilar

Give even more motivation than a big one like you to support this project. My regards and respect @xpilar

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In our country Internet to I will tock to you about this .
Thank you .

No restrictions yet, but there are rumors of one next year. Would give this a shot

Thanks @upmewhale i am from Pakistan and we have alot of restrictions here, I will love to write my entry.

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Thanks for giving us this opportunity .There are some internet brows restrictions in my country. I want to highlight this issue. But have some good side.
Thanks again for trying to make great platform. 💖💖

very nice initiative by you @upmewhale i think this is going to be to Express our actual feeling regarding the restrictions of internet in our country...👍👍👍 surely 'm going to write in this...

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Really great initiative taken @upmewhale. Many countries common people are suffering from different kinds of Internet ban. This is the high time to raise voice. The whole world should be like one village without any restrictions.

This is great

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Thanks for bringing this kind of contest @upmewhale , infact I won't keep words under my tongue internet is somehow frustrating here in my State and even within, I can stay on Steemit for hours chatting while my internet keep connecting and disconnecting. I will take part in this Contest 😉👍✌🏿

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Hi @Upmewhale,

Thank you for this great idea to propose this topic for a contest. I have seen a lot of information run through other social networks on this topic and it seems very appropriate to discuss it here too. I hope to read a lot of information about it, not only from known data, but from the reality that everyone experiences behind the keyboard, in an experiential way. Perhaps, together we can visualize some viable solution to the problem that lies ahead or at least, how to deal with this.

Here is my opinion:

Nice contest. I want to attend This contest And soon I will attend. Thank you.

I have been looking for contest 🤔

Thank you @upmewhale for this contest, it can make me express our difficult situation in my country about this matter, but in God we trust that iit is resolve soon.

Beautiful work....hopefully we will watch so many post! I'm interested to write one as well!

Hello dear friend @upmewhale, Excellent the contest, in my country there are not many limitations, not an oppositive post can be made.
Thank you very much for the great support you give us to our publications. I wish you a wonderful week.

Very nice idea. Congratulations for this initiative

This is a kind of contest where I want to participate thanks for bringing this kind of contest. But can anyone participate with the video or vlog

I love the concept of this topic, looking forward to the contest.

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Very interesting contest you hosted @upmewhale.

this is new idea and it is different. this contest will be interesting..

Wonderful idea for a contest, @upmewhale. Will esteem to help circulation

This is a very good initiative and I think it is worth discussing the growing censorship in the world.

I appreciate the upvote you recently gave me. It helps out a lot.

hai @upmewhale

very happy to hear it ....
hopefully steemians in Aceh can take part in the contest that you created


Have taken a very good initiative. Through this, many hidden talents will be revealed.

I've made a post. But I always have problems with the title. I can't set the title.

Thank you @upmewhale for a chance of steemers making some good rewards on this community blockchain.

Here is my entry link to this contest:
My Entry To Upmewhale's 1st Contest: Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom-World

Be sure to give my post an upvote, a comment and a resteem 😇

Amazing idea, I fully support, and will participate in this contest. and will share information on how the internet is progressing where I live.

Thank you @upmewhale for organizing this contest, I welcome this contest and I will try to write about internet freedom in the country where I live, this is a fun contest for me to provide information about the limitations of using the internet which is sometimes a complaint for many person.

Great Idea and Very interesting contest hosted by @upmewhale team. On this topic I have a very complex point of view some times its good and some times it has a bad impact. So I will try to constraint my thoughts and come up with some useful information.

Love this topic, its one really near and dear to me so I had to create an entry of my own

wow! The topic is really good. I will try to share some info about my country and countries I lived in ;)

Great contest and a great way to see what other steemians are facing in there own countries with freedom of internet (or not)

Firstly a big thank you for organizing this amazing contest :)
I'm sure many people are gonna engage due to which a lot of engagement would be generated !!

Here's my entry sir -- https://steemit.com/self-power/@steemer-sayu907/restricted-and-unrestricted-internet-freedom-world-or-the-india-s-internet-tour-by-steemer-sayu907

Buen dia,soy venezolana,necesito ayuda del que pueda darmela aunque sea con un buen voto,aqui se esta pasando mucho trabajo para todo,lo felicito por sus interesantes trabajos y deseo mucha salud,saludos y Dios lo bendiga,graciad

Resteemed your posting

Is Steemit.com banned in China?

I wasn't aware of that. How long ago did it happen?

Yours, Piotr

Here is my entry to the contest. Good luck and best wishes to everyone competing!


Excellent idea, hello, @upmewhale, thanks for allowing us to count our hours of anguish

An interesting way to participate and tell the anguish we experience when the internet fails us.


For me it is an opportunity to send a message to the world. I will prepare my post, trying not to extend much. Thank you!

Thank you @upmewhale. This is a really great contest. We are invited to convey our thoughts about the internet.
Internet use in the 21st century is an inevitable necessity. Every person has the freedom to use it in
order to meet their needs and efforts to achieve their welfare. if the user is restrained by one government it must be done for a while. The government might not be able to reject the internet for a long period of time. control of social media usually occurs due to the large number of hoaxes that stand and trigger riots or are considered to be a source of danger for a country.
Warm regard from Indonesia

I have tried my best to explain my thought towards the topic based on my country's situation. Here's the writing- https://steemit.com/self-power/@rem-steem/freedom-of-speech-restricted-internet-a-tale-of-digital-bangladesh

I appreciate your support and great work 👌
I have resteem and upvoted your post with 100% power 👍 Thanks for your love

I am very happy with both the theme of the contest and the initiative in general. I hope there are other contests like this that encourage authors to write more, expecially after all the latest changes on Steemit. I will try to write all my thoughts about internet restrictions 💪💪

My entry

I may have a go at this in the coming days. I've resteemed it so I can find it easy when I need to. Mostly here in the UK the only restriction are poor internet quality, but I've been to a lot of countries over the years and found Bali to be the worst, but that's because they turn the electric off so often...

I decided to participate in the contest because the topic is pretty interesting. I hope you enjoy my post --> https://steemit.com/self-power/@tegoshei/upmewhale-writing-contest-entry-restricted-and-unrestricted-internet-freedom-world-philippines

Great topic and good contest.
Internet restriction is always a hot topic because lot of countries are doing so to establish their power rather fulfilling the human right. Hope to see you @upmewhale in the contest. I have a lot of things to write and share. Thanks for this good contest

Our country has become a nation of censoring pussies, from our social media to our shitty television programs. They hate that we are free to write what we want on this platform. I will be reading your entries to hear views from other countries. 👍

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@upmewhale, I've dedicated a poetry to this contest. Kindly find the below piece for your reference.


Keep coming up with these kind of encouraging initiatives team. Stay blessed.

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Hi @upmewhale! I'm very new in your community, I hope I'll be around for a while!

II saw this competition a little late, but I think it's still valid, so I made my post. I hope I wasn't wrong about something haha. Thank you for the contest <3


Here is my entry for the Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom World contest, my opinion on the subject from my country :)


here is my entry. I hope its all legit and will be appreciated (it 1st time I use images that are not of my own. a bit scared, as I havent fried this fish before... )

thanks for this great contest, it really helped to bring in some good content on the platform ;-)

Hey! Gentleman! @upmewhale have you recieved my entry?

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I have written and posted my article within the deadline(yesterday), but submitting my link now, so please consider my entry.

Can one still submit for this?

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